Sun Writers Refusing to Attend Woke Training


Sun Writers Refusing to Attend Woke Training

Turns out News UK faces an uphill struggle in trying to woke-up staff ranks in the Sun, Times and TalkRadio. After Guido revealed staff were being forced into attending diversity and inclusion courses, he’s now seen a new email that reveals take-up is proving tough for News UK’s managing editor. Two days ago Sun staff were invited to a training session by journalist Amardeep Bassey, who has “Witnessed first hand the potential pitfalls when working among ethnically diverse communities”. Witnessed first hand… in the West Midlands…

This morning, a subsequent email was received by Sun staff, tersely complaining “not many people have signed up for this yet – there are two sessions today that are only half full. Please can we have some more attendees.” Nonplussed staff are threatened that “sessions will be added until everyone attends”. Guido’s still holding out hope that Rod Liddle will pop along and participate in the promised “open discussion”…


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