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Sunny weather extends to next week – then to rain


Until the middle of next week and the middle of next week, before the onset of depression, Ireland is ready to establish a well-known and cool environment.

“Weekends are irreversible,” says Met Irian forecaster Jean Byron.

Saturday will be over 20 degrees Celsius and could reach 22 degrees in some parts of the country over the weekend – Ms. Bernie is higher than normal this year.

But she warned people not to lose their race. It was good for the next few days, but I didn’t want to overheat. They are above normal in early June, but not exactly 20 degrees. ”

As Saturday’s clouds move forward, they are torn apart by the dry and sunny weather that occurs in most areas, but in some very scattered areas a few scattered light showers may appear.

Sunday will be the same day across the country, and on Monday it will reach 20 degrees Celsius in a dry and mainly sunny place.

The news is even more promising for Tuesday, and although it may be cold in the coastal areas, it looks as hot as 22 degrees Celsius.

Some baths can be turned west in the afternoon.

Uncertainty is rising everywhere since the middle of the week, as depression in the north of the country appears to be leading to rain, with the Atlantic coast taking the lead.

It is about to start dry in the hot and sunny conditions from Wednesday to morning, but clouds and rain will develop in the south coast and extend from north to west.

“After that he gets dodgier,” says Byron. We return to a very unstable climate and the Bank’s holiday season in the second half of the week does not look good with temperatures expected to fall between 14 degrees and 17 degrees Celsius in the Atlantic.

“This may not be sad, but it will not be as good as the next few days,” she says.

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