Sunshine Coast man Jamie Stephen Coose caught filming a meeting in the toilet

A Sunshine Coast man was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for secretly filming six women using his home toilet over three years.

The Maruchidora Magistrates’ Court heard 41-year-old Jamie Stephen Coose, who, between January 2018 and March 2021, invited people from his church group to his home several times and put his phone in a bag in the closet to film women.

His crimes became known when one woman noticed the phone, looked at the video and realized that she was being filmed.

She then transferred several videos to her phone before talking to Mr. Kuz about it.

The Sippy Downs man pleaded guilty to 10 counts of making observations or recordings that violate a person’s privacy.

People expect privacy in the toilet

Prosecutor David Hoffman told the court that “going to the toilet … is where every member of the community should expect to be alone. You should never expect to be filmed. “

Mr. Hoffman said the crime will affect women forever and that many “feel the need to search every time they go to the toilet outside their home.”

Mr. Hoffman characterized the tapes as an intentional crime.

Hand holds an iPhone with icons.
The Maruchidora Magistrates’ Court heard that Jamie Stephen Coose used his phone to secretly shoot videos of women using the toilet between 2018 and 2021.(ABC: Emma Wynn)

“The victims believed they were in a safe place, all belonged to the same church group, and believed that they should be able to do whatever they wanted.”

Cuza’s lawyer, Gabe Hutchinson, told the court that his client was repented and “wants to get justice for his victims,” ​​adding that the 41-year-old had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

He also told the court that Kuz had confessed to some of the records that the police were not aware of after he was caught.

Mr Hutchinson told the court that his client is likely to lose the job he worked for nine years at the call center, as he will no longer pass the mandatory police screening.

Deep psychological impact

Justice of the Peace Catherine Benson said she accepted the expert psychologist’s opinion that Kuz was abused as a child, which may somehow explain his behavior.

bald man in white button-down T-shirt covers his face with hand as he leaves court
Kuz has pleaded guilty to 10 charges of creating privacy records.(ABC Sunshine Coast: Jacqui Street)

But Judge Benson said that Kuz “only recently” took steps to seek advice to resolve his problems and would need “significant support” to prevent further wrongdoing.

“The psychological impact was profound and will continue,” she said.

She sentenced Kuzya to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months with an 18-month probation period, during which he will have to receive counseling.

Justice of the Peace Benson also ordered a written indictment.

Police warn privacy breaches are becoming more common

Outside of court, Sgt. David Bradley said police are increasingly filing privacy breaches using telephone tapes.

He said the crime escalated because the victims thought they were in a safe place because they knew Kuzya.

“They expected and should have received the confidentiality of the circumstances in which they found themselves. It was an absolute abuse of trust and this confidentiality, ”he explained.

Senior Sergeant Bradley said he was satisfied that the court ordered Kuzi to seek help.

“There is also a significant suspended sentence hanging over his head, so we think this is a healthy sentence and a good signal to the community,” said Senior Sgt. Bradley.

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