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Superman and Lois Reveal a Huge Miscellaneous Transformation


Crisis on Infinite Earths nearly turns the Arrowverse into action, including giving Clark and Lois a daughter named Natalie…

this week’s superman and lois Jonathan is exposed to the multiverse while Clarke and Lois are forced to embrace a new reality. As the intrepid reporter and his son John Henry explore Iron’s RV, the teenager accidentally triggers a weapons system while his mother is out of the van. Before that, he learns about Iron’s daughter, Natalie, and how the boy’s wife is a doppelganger from his mother.

Lois, distraught, calls Clark and he can barely get John out in time. She loses her cool and says things that she later regrets. At her husband’s suggestion, she goes to a longtime friend of her father’s.

This is where the doctor drops the bomb on the audience; Lois became pregnant for the second time after the birth of the boys. He had a little girl and Clark was going to call Natalie after her grandmother. Unfortunately, she miscarried the child and she went to work to ease the pain. The thought of losing Jonathan bought Smriti Flood back so she passed out. Furthermore, it didn’t help that her version, married to John Henry Irons, had a daughter of the same name.

Later, after the threat to the DoD has been resolved, Lois pulls Jonathan aside and apologizes for what he told her. She then decides to tell him why. She brings up her miscarriage, explaining that eighteen months after her and Jordan’s birth, she was pregnant with her younger sister Natalie but it was not to happen. John hugs her and says that he understands why he attacked her.

Lois gives him a new perspective on Jordan, why he has powers and why he doesn’t. She explains that she understands how he feels about feeling helpless when he can help.

over jordan and sarah

Jordan leaves the episode behind and becomes a support for Sarah as she auditions for the school musical. It’s even more obvious that he has a crush on her because when Lois yells at her Jonathan points to the flowers when he walks over to his brother.

He also covers for Kyle when he fails to show up for his daughter’s audition. In the earlier episodes, we learn something interesting about him. He took piano lessons when he was young but stopped when his anxiety started getting worse. It was actually a cool element to add to Jordan’s character as he has spent the last few episodes A real jumble of emotions looking at his super hearing.

With him being Sarah’s cheerleader, the two can be brought closer in the best possible way. She might be the one to help him through his mental health issues in the end. We love these two together!

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