Supportive vaccination campaign will begin in early November

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Health chiefs expect the Health Services Executive to begin administering booster vaccines to more than 800,000 people aged 60 to 80 in early November.

While most over 70 are given boosters at local GP surgeries, those aged 60 to 70 are likely to receive them at mass vaccination centres.

Authorities are currently working on the details of the rollout of the boosters, which were approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday. Officials, two million doses Pfizer vaccine is in stock, supply is no problem.

However, some people in this age group will have to wait for the vaccine as it will have been six months since they received their second, regular Covid-19 vaccine.

So far, supporters have been provided to only three groups: people over 80, people over 65 in residential care, and people who are immunocompromised. To date, more than 100,000 boosters have been applied.

HSE said it plans to complete the administration of hydrophores for nursing home residents and other residential areas by the end of next week.

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