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Surprising health needs emerge in Gaza after Israel-Hamas conflict – Global Issues Issue


World Health Organization (WHO) Reported that it has provided essential medicines for trauma care and supported ambulance services for more than 2,000 injured people in Gaza, while a Ceasefire Between Hamas and Israel, after 11 days of rocket fire and air strikes by both the parties during the last month.

Triage and Treatment

ten WHO Triage and treatment tents have also been set up outside six emergency departments in Gaza, but the situation remains “unstable”, Dr. Rick Pepperkorn, head of the WHO’s Office in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

Last month’s hostilities left 278 Palestinians dead and more than 9,000 wounded, with 12 Israelis losing their lives and more than 700 wounded. The WHO said more than 77,000 people in Gaza have been internally displaced and about 30 health facilities have also been damaged.

covid threat

Together COVID-19 There is still a threat, the agency said, as it supported the distribution of more than 260,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the region through the United Nations-led Equitable Vaccine Distribution, kovax.

As of May 31, there have been 337,191 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,765 deaths in OPT – with positive cases rising in Gaza in recent weeks.

“The lives of the Palestinians are deteriorating; Many people affected by conflict need immediate assistance and are facing other health threats such as COVID-19”, said Dr. Pieperkorn.

emergency appeal

On May 20, the WHO launched a $7 million appeal to support its health efforts over the next six months.

The fund will focus on trauma and emergency care, mental health and psychosocial services, advocacy and essential health services, including COVID-19.

So far only $2.3 million has been received.

“WHO is working to support the Palestinian health system and its allies in the emergency humanitarian response and solicits the support of the international community in these efforts”, underlined the head of the UN’s OPT office.


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