Swap first class for more bike storage on trains ?; Police claim “no one wants to play Spot the Cyclist”; Simon Cowell: Cycling my most creative time; Cav out of the hospital; CS3 table tops 2m; Pidcock participates in Boxing Day CX party + more on the live blog

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It is the time of year when police forces and road safety groups think about what advice to give road users as the nights draw in. It tends to mean lots of posts like the one above for the live blog …

When they play the devil’s advocate, some might say it’s a non-issue, at worst a clumsily worded message that provides a lesson most cyclists already know. But there is an even greater amount of response that sees it as victim-blaming and all a bit pointless given the amount of stories we see about cyclists wearing hi-vis being killed or seriously injured. The Surrey Roads Policing Unit is at the forefront of that argument … the Northern Ireland Road Policing account is not.

The post asked riders to use hi-vis and said “no one wants to play Spot the Cyclist!” You can (completely uncontroversially) claim that it is the duty to all on the road to play spot cyclist at all times. At any rate, they said a hi-vis jacket had been handed out to the person they saw without one. #KeepingPeopleSafe.

Reaction? Yes let’s do it…

And it’s not just police forces that have a pop … when the clocks went back, author Philip Pullman took to social media to shout about “damn fools” whizzing through Oxford on bikes without lights or hi-vis …

How many weeks until the clocks go up again?

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