Sweden’s Prime Minister resigns on the first day after the coalition’s collapse

The Left Party has already said they would back her.


Although these parties could not agree on a budget, they agree in the goal of preventing the Sweden Democrats, a populist anti-immigrant party, from having a role in the government.

“The Center Party will open the door for her (Andersson) to become Prime Minister,” its leader Annie Loof said on Twitter.

“We will once again ensure that Sweden can have a government that is not dependent on the Sweden Democrats.”


The opposition Moderates and Christian Democrats are supported by the Sweden Democrats, but cannot get a majority in the Riksdag.

Andersson took over as Prime Minister from Stefan Lofven as head of a minority two-party coalition with the support of the left and center parties. But that alliance collapsed when the Center Party refused to support the new government’s finance bill.

Parliament then adopted spending plans on Wednesday drawn up by three opposition parties, which prompted the Green Party to leave the coalition and left Andersson with no choice but to resign.

The Speaker of the Riksdag will now decide on the next step in the process of finding a new government, but will most likely present Andersson for a new vote in the coming days.

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