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Sweet Duchess Trump A Spoiled And Jealous Sister-in-law


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a beloved member of the royal family because of her ability to keep her head down and not complain…

Knowing your place in your family hierarchy is important. Especially if your husband has to be king someday. As for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, she spent years keeping her head down and playing by the rules of the monarchy. She bore three children to Prince William; Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. A large part of the world that follows or knows the British monarchy sees her as a beloved member of Queen Elizabeth II’s family. However, the same cannot be said for her sister-in-law, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan has caused nothing but turmoil for the royals since her ‘fall’ in Prince Harry’s life in mid-2016. He ripped it off and fled to his homeland America after just 18 months and over 70 engagements. Talk about poor pee. She cried to Tom Bradby, a journalist and friend of Harry’s (and William’s former friend) that no one asked how she was doing. Then, she and her husband go to Oprah to tell ‘their truth’ when her ‘biography’ by friend Omid Scobie and her co-writer Carolyn Durand fails to put her back in the people’s good books.

There are huge differences between Prince Charles’ two royal wives and daughters-in-law. We’re going to address these and explain why Katherine will always be more beloved than Meghan. Now, before we begin, we are not here to bash the Duchess of Sussex. away with. We’re just stating facts, so if you don’t like it, please don’t read any further. Plus, it’s no contest who is the best Duchess. While we would love to give our opinion on that, it is not what this post is about.

family relations

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Catherine is a beloved member of the royal family, but she wouldn’t have been the kind of person she is today without some help from her family. He is very close to his parents, Michael and Carol, as well as his two younger siblings; Sister Pippa and Brother James.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also the sister-in-law of James Matthews, Pippa’s husband and aunt to their two children, Arthur and baby Grace. She is also the niece of Carroll’s rather controversial brother, Gary Goldsmith, and Michael’s brothers, Richard, Nicholas, and Simon. Catherine is also a cousin of Adam Middleton who was the godfather of his daughter, Princess Charlotte, as well as Anne and Lucy Middleton and Tallulah Goldsmith.

Little fun fact: Catherine’s grandfather, Peter Middleton, flew with Prince William’s late grandfather Prince Philip during a two-month stint in South Africa in 1962.

What’s so great about Middleton is that they don’t see Catherine’s husband, Prince William, as royalty. He is just a member of the family. The Duke of Cambridge himself said that he views Pippa’s children as his nephews and nieces.

Moving on to Meghan and family ties is very different from Catherine’s.

privacy;  only child;  Queen
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Basically he has no relation with his family as he has cut all of them from his life over the years. He has only contact with his mother, Doria. However, this has since been questioned. Meghan has half-siblings Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr., through her father, Thomas Sner.

Meghan has several nephews and nieces through Samantha and Tom. Through her half-sister, she is Ashley Hale’s aunt—who served as her go-to for legal language when she [Meghan] was on Suit – Christopher, and Noel whom Markle apparently never met. Moving on to Tom and they have two sons, Thomas and Tyler who both use their mother’s surname.

When Meghan married Prince Harry, the only member of her family at their wedding was Doria. The same applies when it comes to marriage to Trevor Engelson.


book war
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Catherine and Meghan have both released books. Well, one is already out and the other is about to leave. The Duchess of Cambridge collaborated on a photography project with the National Portrait Gallery called Hold Still. They have put together a book of 100 photographs that show the strength of the UK during the 2020 COVID lockdown. 100% of the proceeds from the book go to charity.

Meanwhile, Meghan has written The Bench, a children’s book about the father/son relationship, which is based on a poem she reportedly wrote for Harry for his first Father’s Day. The project was announced a day before the release of the Hold Still book. Now, the Sussexes have developed a pattern of trying to steal the limelight from the royals who actually do great things.

However, this time around, Meghan’s attempt to steal her sister-in-law’s thunder fails as her book has dropped drastically on the bestseller list. The bench is in the UK in the few thousands on Amazon. It’s so far down the list that we can’t find it. During this, ‘Hold Still’ is currently No. 1 in the Cultural Studies category on the same website.

Now, we can just see Meghan in a fit and screaming why people are enamored of a book of ‘boring’ pictures when they should buy her book about a father and his son. There’s the matter. He has no right to write anything like that. At first, he left his father when he needed him the most. Then, she turned Harry away from his own father and turned him against his entire family. This is the reason why his book is not doing very well.

When she is not doing what she preaches, people are fed up with her harp about compassion and forgiveness. It’s a simple matter of, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Dear follow the same rules

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Now, we written about How Meghan refused to play by the rules When she was a working royal. She thought they didn’t apply to her and she was modernizing the family by not playing their rules. Sorry, but you can’t just marry a prince and think that you’ve owned everything his grandmother has for nearly 70 years.

Meanwhile, Katherine understands how the family operates and really follows the rules. On occasion, she will break the dress code as seen below:


[Credit: Hello Magazine]

no engagement ring

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