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Switzerland suspends EU trade talks after Brussels unfair deal


Switzerland Asked for EU Trade Talks Unfair Treaty / Photo Credit-Getty

Brussels is reportedly working to weaken Switzerland under EU law as the country decides to withdraw from trade agreements. Bern has formally terminated negotiations to turn its relationship with the Union into a “framework agreement” in the future.

He has dominated their relationship, which has been deteriorating since 2014. According to critics of the treaty, the treaty provided the European Union with the ability to intervene in the affairs of the sovereign state.

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Philip Erzinger, head of the Compass Europe Anti-Framework Campaign, said: “They will never sign such a deal in business. There was one side. No, he asked us to take the EU law without any means. ”

“In Switzerland, there was a direct interference in our democracy and our cantonment system,” he added.

Martin Jansen, CEO of financial software company Ecofin, insisted that Switzerland be allowed to be different from the non-compliant framework agreement.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the conference, saying it was a “significant moment” for the opposition. It has been compared to Britain’s historic referendum on EU membership – it has been dubbed Switzerland.

Switzerland As a member of the European Union in the 1992 referendum, she has never agreed to join the European Economic Area. However, through a series of 120 bilateral agreements, it has gained full access to the EU single market and is a non-passport member of the EU. Travel area.

The country is at odds with Brussels over broader economic and legal issues. He said the Brussels framework agreement had improved and improved their relationship.

The European Union (EU) has refused to do the same under bilateral agreements, and EU officials now want to pressure Switzerland to return to the negotiating table.

As a result, Bern’s access to EU markets is slowly eroding. This week’s agreement to recognize standard medical equipment was terminated. The decision to suspend the talks has been accompanied by a campaign by the Swiss right-wing Swiss People’s Party to prevent the transfer of troops to Brussels.

Others say the move June 2016. Hugo Ropeel, chief executive of the Geneva Logistics Group, says:

“The logical conclusion is that we need Europe and Europe needs Switzerland. I think everyone should take some time to calm down and then the negotiations will probably start again.

But GF Bern Burns chief executive Lucas Golder said the Swiss people had acknowledged that their government had made significant cuts in negotiations with Brussels. He noted that there had been widespread support for closer ties with the European Union, but that much was being done.

He added: “People believe that Switzerland’s position with the European Union was very weak. But there is probably a lot to look forward to. ”

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The country’s largest newspaper supported the Swiss Federal Council’s decision to end the talks.

“Although there is compassion in overcoming the narrow national borders of many wars in Europe, it is not necessary for Brussels to sign whatever it wants,” he wrote in an editorial published by Tagas-Anziger.

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