Sydney’s Warragamba Dam Expected to Spill as Part of Western City Prepares for Flooding | Weather in Australia

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Parts of the north and west of Sydney could face flooding due to the latest heavy rain, which is predicted to overflow the city’s main dam.

WaterNSW predicts that the Warragamba Dam will reach full capacity and begin to overflow into the Hawkesbury-Nepean River downstream from Friday evening.

According to the upper limit of the forecasts, the catchment area of ​​the dam will receive up to 100 mm of precipitation from the current event. If predictions are correct, the Warragamba spill could peak at up to 100 gigaliters per day by Saturday morning, WaterNSW simulations show.

However, according to a WaterNSW spokesman, such flow will be only one-fifth of the normal during the extensive March flooding in the region.

“Impacts downstream are likely and will be determined by the volume of the spill combined with downstream flows,” the official said.

On Thursday, Waragamba was about 99% full, and city the general network of reservoirs is 95.5% full

On Friday morning, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a meteorological warning advising motorists “to be extremely careful.”

“Flooded roads and limited visibility during heavy rain will make road conditions dangerous on Friday in all suburbs,” the warning said.

Bureau earlier this week announced that La Nina event is taking place in the Pacific… Weather conditions, combined with other factors, usually mean that eastern Australia will experience above average rainfall this coming summer. Insurers are among those who bill for increased damage floods and more active cyclone seasons than usual.

V latest seasonal forecast bureau, published Thursday, also pointed to cooler-than-average summers in the eastern half of the summer, at least for daytime temperatures.

Sydney predicted 45mm of rain fell on Friday. He received 21 mm 24 hours before 9 am.

The total precipitation for this period also included almost 50 mm for Richmond to the northwest of Sydney and about 43 mm for Penrith in the west.

Authorities said Thursday they were gradually increasing releases from the Hume Dam into the Murray River over the past week in anticipation of rain. Thursday’s release was around 30GL.

“There is still a high degree of uncertainty about weather conditions. If the rains continue to be intense and cause significant runoff over the next few hours, emissions will rise to 35 GL per day with the potential to increase further over the next days or two, ”the Murray-Darling Basin Authority said in a statement.

The Bureau there is an initial flood warning due to slight flooding at Corowa on Murray.

Many inland rivers such as Gwidir, Lachlan, Macquarie, Murrumbiji and Namoy face the prospect of flooding with dam fill and expected rainfall.

Meanwhile, in Queensland, the body of a man was found in a pit flooded by flood waters.

A passer-by noticed a young man and a dead man near the Gregory Highway in Hibernia, west of Rockhampton, around 7 a.m. Friday. They alerted the police and emergency services, who were trying to get the car out of the water.

“It may take some time to restore the vehicle due to the location and current weather conditions,” a police spokesman said in a statement.

The forensic department is investigating the death of a person. It is unclear how he died.

Detectives are unsure if this man’s car was pulled off the road and drowned, or if he died as a result of a previous accident or medical episode and was then washed away with water.

For two days, torrential rains have raged in the region with drops of up to 270 mm in some places and localized flash floods.

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