Tabria Majors Celebrate Ciara With EPIC Tribute, Win Halloween (Yours)

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Yass Tabria!

Emerging Queen of Halloween Tabria Majors back with other EPIC Tribute-this time, homage to Ciara with a spectacular series of Baddie Boomkacks, backbends and body roles in the big budget production that went viral directly on social media.

“I want to wish the only @ciara an incredibly happy birthday,” she signed under the video.

I hope you know how popular you are, how many people care about you, the lives of those who have affected you, the careers you have inspired, the hits you have given us … I could go on and on continue on about how awesome you are! “

As promised in a teaser, Tabria blessed fans with a 15-minute “Cilloween” tribute, where she recreated some of the iconic videos of the Choreo Queen; “Ride”, “Promise”, “Goodies”, “1, 2 Steps”, “Like a Boy”, “Body Party”, “Level Up”, and more.

This comes a year after her iconic Beyoncé tribute that sent social media into a frenzy.

“I know you’re over me lol but #BEYLLOWEEN is finally here!” she signed the video. “I wanted to do something different this year for Halloween and pay tribute to someone I so much admire and respect – BEYONCE!”

“This project was incredibly stressful to do, but so much fun! I’m by no means a dancer – my friends always clown me for it lolll But I wanted to apply Beyoncé’s famous work ethic to this project and see how far I could push myself.

The viral video garnered over 2 MILLION views and led to Tabria being featured in Queen Bey’s IVY PARK campaign.

Already at half a million views, Tabria’s latest masterpiece has attracted the attention of Ciara herself, who commented below the video.

What homage would you see to Tabria next? Tell us below and check out some Twitter chitter chats about the epic #Cilloween video on Flip.


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