How Shanghai Is Cautiously Reopening After Two Months Of Hardcore Lockdowns

Shanghai saw 15 new infections on Tuesday, the lowest caseload since March 2 and a dramatic drop from the peak of more than 27,000 a day in April. While most of the city’s 25 million residents were released from one of the world’s most restrictive pandemic lockdowns after two months, about 10% still aren’t allowed … Read more

Shanghai Unveils Fresh Policies to Support Economy Hit by Covid

The financial hub will accelerate approvals for property projects and supply new residential developments, according to a plan issued by the Shanghai municipal government. The quota for car ownership this year will be increased by 40,000, a purchase tax for some passenger vehicles will be reduced and subsidies will be given to electric car buyers. … Read more

Starbucks Baristas Are Unionizing, and Even Howard Schultz Can’t Make Them Stop

(Bloomberg Businessweek) – On April 4, the first day of Howard Schultz’s third go-round as chief executive officer of Starbucks Corp., he set the tone with an espresso tasting. Dozens of baristas gathered in rows at the company’s headquarters in Seattle, while many more joined from across the country via livestream. First, the assembled took … Read more

Global Business Is Enduring a Synchronized Slowdown: Eco Week

“Russia’s war of aggression is causing global economic disruptions, impacting the security of global energy supply, food production and exports of food and agricultural commodities, as well as the functioning of global supply chains in general,” the G-7 ministers said in a communique after their gathering in Germany. .

India Death Data Shows Small Jump in 2020 Despite Covid Outbreak

Officials have clashed with the World Health Organization over a yet-to-be-released report that says India’s official Covid death toll is at least 4 million, the highest in the world, the New York Times reported last month. India, which officially acknowledges a little over 523,900 Covid deaths so far, criticized WHO’s method of calculating Covid mortality … Read more