Brexit Has the UK Traveling the Wrong Way in Time

(Bloomberg Opinion) – The idea of ​​time travel is an old British preoccupation, from HG Wells’s 1895 novel to the seemingly immortal television series “Doctor Who,” which first aired in 1963, the year before I was born. Although I did not travel by Tardis or encounter any murderous Daleks, returning to my native land last … Read more

G-7 Negotiators Put Russia Oil Price Cap on Agenda for Leaders

Group of Seven negotiators agreed that discussions on a potential price cap on Russian oil had progressed enough to send the issue to leaders to discuss at a summit starting Sunday in Germany, according to people familiar with the matter. .

Biden to Speak on Supreme Court’s Voiding of Roe v. Wade

The high court’s decision, released shortly after 10 am in Washington, wipes out the constitutional right to abortion, likely rendering the procedure illegal or at best severely restricted in half the country. Many Democratic congressional leaders and other senior figures in the party, including former President Barack Obama, have also decried the court’s action. .