I’m a 39-year-old single dad with $ 600,000 saved – I want to retire at 50 but do not know how. What should I do?

I am a 39-year-old single father of one 16-year-old son. I have $ 70,000 in liquid savings, $ 530,000 invested in individual retirement accounts and owe $ 210,000 on a home worth $ 500,000. I also owe about $ 20,000 on my car. My take-home income is $ 7,200 per month and my monthly expenses … Read more

‘The graveyard shift is the most understaffed:’ I work as a waiter on the Las Vegas Strip. We are overworked, underpaid, and our drunk customers often do not tip

Dear Quentin, I currently work at a fast-casual restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. I have worked at the company for three years. I work at the busiest outlet of this restaurant in the world. During the slow winter months, this restaurant makes an average of $ 130,000 a week. During the summer months, we … Read more

My wife and I are in our 50s with $ 300,000 in a 401 (k) and $ 700,000 in a pension. Will we have enough to ‘live a simple life’ in retirement?

I’m 53 years old, a registered nurse and planning to retire at 58. I am married, my wife is two years older than I am and she plans to retire at 62. We have a good marriage and friendship. We have three grown up kids. I only have $ 300,000 in my 401 (k), and … Read more

We’re in our 60s, my husband plans to work until he ‘drops dead’ and our medical bills are overwhelming – how can we retire like this?

My husband works for the county making approximately $ 55,000 a year but before that was in retail with earnings of only about $ 36,000. In 1996, our daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening incurable autoimmune disease just as he had changed jobs, thus no insurance. We had to go into debt of several … Read more

Equifax, TransUnion and Experian will soon stop counting medical debt in credit reports — now, for the bad news

The nation’s three major credit bureaus say they are overhauling how they include medical debt in a consumer’s credit history. The agencies said the removal will result in nearly 70% of the medical debt on Americans’ credit reports. This is a case where less is more for the financial lives of many consumers, certainly during … Read more