What experts say to do if inflation has you worried about retirement

Geber86 | E + | Getty Images Inflation may have you worried about your retirement. Prices have been rising on everything from food to housing. In April, the Consumer Price Index, which measures the prices of goods and services, notched an 8.3% increase in from a year prior. In fact, 70% of Americans are calling … Read more

‘My main aim is to have a net worth of at least $ 100,000’: I’m 29 and live with my mother in an rented mobile home in California. I have a $ 25K emergency fund and $ 26K in a Roth IRA. What should I save for next?

I am doing OK financially as a single 29-year-old who unfortunately is still roommates with my mom. We split everything down the middle and I mainly stay with her since it is very expensive to live on your own in my city, and it also helps relieve a lot of financial stress on my mom … Read more

I’m a 39-year-old single dad with $ 600,000 saved – I want to retire at 50 but do not know how. What should I do?

I am a 39-year-old single father of one 16-year-old son. I have $ 70,000 in liquid savings, $ 530,000 invested in individual retirement accounts and owe $ 210,000 on a home worth $ 500,000. I also owe about $ 20,000 on my car. My take-home income is $ 7,200 per month and my monthly expenses … Read more

I’m house-rich and cash-poor. Should I refinance my house and set up a joint savings account with my husband? ‘I can tolerate him for 7 months – at the most.’

Dear Quentin, My husband of seven years owns a home in Minnesota and has a mortgage. I own a home in Florida with no mortgage. We have no savings or retirement accounts. Should I pull my equity from my home in Florida to start a savings account for us? I’m working and my husband is … Read more