Govt welcomes IEA’s move to release collective oil stock of 120 mn barrels

The Narendra Modi-led government stated on Thursday that it welcomes the announcement by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for a collective oil stock release of 120 million barrels. The government added that it has also “taken note of the US Government’s decision, late last month, to release 180 million barrels from its Strategic Petroleum Reserves, … Read more

It’s the Beginning of the End for Russian Gas in Europe. These Stocks Should Benefit.

The Batajnica gas storage facility, operated by Transportgas, in Batajnica, Serbia. The European Union is planning to cut Russian natural gas imports. Oliver Bunic / Bloomberg Text size The 27-member European Union is geared for incremental, some might say glacial, policy shifts. Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is changing that — at least on paper, … Read more