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Shania Twain looks incredible in stunning selfie in leopard print outfit while visiting London

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07 November 2021 – 14:19 GMT Hanna Fillingham Shania Twain took to Instagram to share a stunning selfie in a leopard-print chic look in London. Shania Twain She has a great sense of style both on and off stage and looked amazing in a new photo shared on social

8 Simple Self-Care Tips As The Clocks Turn Back For Winter

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It’s the last weekend of October, which means it’s time to turn the clocks back on. Summer has passed us and winter is on its way. For some, this is a sign for rest and restoration, but many struggle at this time of year. The clocks will go back

Caring for the Environment is an Act of Self-Love

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Vivian Nweze is a creator who loves to explore her culture through content and find ways to incorporate sustainable practices into her daily life. Here, that shaHe expresses his thoughts on sustainable living and self-love. Walmart is setting the bar for sustainability by committing to protect, manage or restore

The Best Happiness Advice People Have Learned in Therapy

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path happiness It’s not always easy, and there really isn’t a final destination. Joy is available on a spectrum. And thanks to work, life, and relationship issues – you know, not to mention an extremely distressing global pandemic – it might be easy to fall more often to the

8 Effortless Self-Care Activities That Should Be Done In Just 5 Minutes

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The pandemic has made it impossible to step back and take care of yourself. However, making self-care a priority is not only necessary, but also essential for optimal health. β€œIt’s important to take just five minutes off work and other responsibilities to pause, reflect, and refresh. Taking these little