The Clouds May Be Clearing for Coupa Software

Town BRUCE KAMICH Jun 06, 2022 | 08:18 AM EDT Stocks quotes in this article: COUP Coupa Software (COUP), a cloud-based provider of business spend management solutions, is set to report its latest earnings results after the market closes on Monday. In our March 15 review of the stock we recommended that, “The price of … Read more

3 Dividend-Paying Healthcare Stocks That Age Well

In the US, the immense size and longevity of the baby boomer generation is gradually creating a seismic shift in the composition of the demographics of the country. There are many factors to consider as to why this is occurring, and below, we’ll take a look at some of those factors. However, the inescapable truth … Read more

These Two Telecom Stocks are Buys, According to BofA

With the broad equity market under pressure in recent months, telecommunications stocks might offer a safe haven. “Telecom stocks looked boring when markets were willing to pay anything for growth stocks versus value,” Bank of America analysts wrote in a commentary. “As growth stories run out of steam and valuations get revised lower, we believe … Read more

I’m ‘Following Up’ on a Biotech Trade With Attractive Potential

Just before noon ET on Friday, May 27, Doug Kass posted the following in his Daily Diary on Real Money Pro: “I added to SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) this morning. And I sold some attractively priced calls against it. “ This piqued my interest. I have been slowly adding to my XBI holdings via … Read more

When Not Just Any Dividend Stock Will Do

The volatility – and resulting lower prices – that have hit financial markets in 2022 have been tough on investors. Fears of supply-chain impacts, a slowdown in consumer spending, and even a full-blown recession are weighing on market participants. However, the silver lining is that with lower prices come better value propositions for capital appreciation, … Read more