What’s required to travel to Thailand? Only one Covid document now

Travelers wondering what it’s like to visit Thailand now may be interested to know the country is “allowing almost everything” again. That’s according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the governmental entity responsible for promoting tourism to the country. Masks are no longer required, and the country’s color-coded system – which placed limits that … Read more

Tourism sector has traveled far since Covid onset

Covid-19 brought the tourism and travel sector globally to a grinding halt for almost two years. Countries and holiday spots with a huge dependence on travelers have borne the brunt of Covid the most. Many countries are cautiously reopening their doors to visitors. But it will be some time before airports, shopping arcades, hotels, restaurants … Read more

Summer Vacationers Want to Kick It Old School

The new and the high tech are suddenly out of fashion, with the Nasdaq down around 23% this year. That sentiment change seems to have bled into the online travel sector, where the uncool is making a comeback. There is no denying that longer-term trips in the most remote geographies are still seeing a lot … Read more

New Zealand to open international borders fully to visitors from end-July

A view of the Auckland International Airport’s arrivals area on April 13, 2022. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Wednesday the country will fully reopen its international borders from 11:59 pm on July 31, with cruise ships also welcome back to local ports on the same day. Fiona Goodall | Getty Images News … Read more

Why people act out despite the risks

Incidents involving unruly passengers in the United States are decreasing. But the good news may end there. On average, there were about 500 reports of unruly passengers per month in 2021, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration. In the first three months of 2022, this number fell to about 350 reports per month, according … Read more

Which countries are best for road trips? See the top 5 in the world

The highly portable omicron Covid-19 variant makes some travelers think twice about air travel again. While travel bookings are rising this year, some people are sticking to one of the biggest trends that has emerged from the pandemic: roadtrip. “With driving, you can significantly lower your risk of exposure when interacting with large groups … … Read more