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This 5-Minute Workout Will Help You Beat the Afternoon Crash

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you are reading MovementIt’s the nudge we need to be active, but it makes us the happiest and healthiest. If you notice that your concentration drops after 3 pm, you are definitely not alone. The afternoon slump is a real challenge for the morning owls among us who do

20 Happiest Places to Live in the UK in 2021 – Revealed

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What are some things you consider when looking for a new place to live? The price of the house, schools, local shops? Maybe you should consider how happy the area will make you. Hexham in Northumberland is crowned England’s happiest place to live, according to the annual “happy at

4 Ways To Be More Considerate To Sober People This Party Season

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It’s that time of year again: “why don’t you drink?” season. or “don’t you just want one?” For me, a self-proclaimed alcoholic, the answer to the second question addresses the first. Yes, I would love to have just one, but I can’t – that’s why I don’t drink. For

Adele’s Tearful Teacher Gathering Misses Those Who Shaped Us

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Everyone has a teacher who shapes them. For some this happens through negative reinforcement, but for others, a person can have a positive impact on their life that continues to have a significant impact (shout out to Mr. James). During the live broadcast of An Audience With Adele In

The 7 Worst Mistakes People Make When Quitting A Job

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Preparing to quit a job It’s a second job on its own and it doesn’t end when you give it its due. resignation notice. It takes tact and tact if you want to part with your professional relationships and sanity. According to career coaches and human resources professionals who

Taylor Swift’s All Things So Good Makes Us Think About Age-Gap Relationships

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When I was 22, I started dating a lawyer in his 30s who I had nothing in common with. My age was bought so much – initially as a way to pit me and my ‘maturity’ against ‘other girls my age’, then finally to belittle me for being a

Help! I Don’t Know How To Be An Office Person Anymore

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Before Covid, greetings from work were simple. There is now a new uncertainty about how to greet customers and colleagues in person. “Shall I give them a high five? Should I elbow them? Do I shake hands with them or do I hug them?” He asked AJ Eckstein, a

COTOS: Mark David COP-ping in Glasgow

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Both at home and away, on your nose! Read now… .

7 Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder – And How To Manage It

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Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and the nights are getting dark. For some, the change of seasons means Christmas markets, hot drinks and bubble baths. For some, winter is a struggle to get over. Lack of sunlight can affect our mood and cause us to experience

Keeping a Financial Journal Is A Thing Now. Here’s How to Get Started

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