Taylor Swift posted “I Bet You Think About Me” music video

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Fresh from her rivets Saturday Night Live Performance, Taylor Swift has announced on Instagram that she is releasing a new music video for her “I Bet You Think About Me” song. Under the direction of Blake Lively, the video is set to air on November 16 at 10 a.m. ET. In the second-long teaser, a three-tiered one wedding Cake with two lines drawn in the frosting is in front and center. Next, a hand enters the frame and picks up a large piece of it. “Blank Space” Vibes, anyone? “Surprise! NEW MUSIC VIDEO TOMORROW AT 10:00 AM she signed the clip. “Join us as we raise a toast, and a little hell.”

Moments later, fans were treated to another sneak peak from Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me” video. On the YouTube Countdown Page, a video still shows Swift wearing a red dress while performing under a large chandelier. The upside of the video marks Lively’s directorial debut, which should come as no surprise since the two were spotted together. SNL afterparty following the Grammy-winning singer’s “All Too Well” performance. The track that Chris Stapleton shows is just one of many of Swift’s new newly recorded Red (Taylor’s Version) album. Watch the entire teaser.