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Tea Board fixed ₹19.92/kg for green leaves in June


Originating from the increase in auction prices, the Tea Board in the Union Ministry of Commerce has announced that the district average price for green leaf of small growers in the Nilgiris district during June is ₹19.92 per kg.

This is the highest ever fixed for the month of June.

This price will benefit over 50,000 small growers which is ₹1.29 more than the price fixed for the previous month.

This is significantly higher than in June last year when the price was ₹14.87. This increase of ₹ 5.05 marked an impressive increase of 33.97 per cent.

Hence, as compared to last year, growers will now get around ₹20 more for every kg of tea produced this month as generally four kg of green leaves are used to make one kg of tea.

Dr M Balaji, executive director, Tea Board, said this was decided on the basis of the consolidated auction price of CTC tea from leaf factories purchased in May.

He said that all the purchased leaf factories should follow this price while buying green leaves from small growers in June.

He has directed all the field officers to ensure that no factory under his jurisdiction pays less than this price to the producers this month.

He said that the price has been fixed under Section 30A of the Tea Marketing Control Order.


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