Teachers will ask court to stop Loudoun County schools’ pronoun policy

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Three public school teachers in Loudoun County are going to Virginia state court on Monday to request a halt to the school system’s new mandatory policy on pronouns.

Physical education teacher Tanner Cross filed suit after being fired from her job in May after objecting to the proposed policy. school board meeting. Since the policy was passed in August, two other teachers – Monica Gill, a high school history teacher, and Kim Wright, a middle school English teacher – have joined as plaintiffs.

The policy requires district faculty and students to use student-requested pronouns, regardless of their biological gender.

Teachers on Monday will seek an injunction from the court that will stop the pronoun policy while the case is pending.

The school system forces teachers to use a specific language. compulsive speech A conservative group that represents teachers among faculty, staff and students, according to the Alliance for Freedom.

“Loudoun County Public Schools persistently impose radical perspectives on our children,” said Ryan Bangert, the group’s senior counsel.

“Instead of encouraging our children to learn about a variety of viewpoints, Loudoun County schools are instilling controversial and harmful ideologies in students and forcing both teachers and students to agree,” said Mr. Bangert.

The school district did not request comment on the case on Friday.

When Mr. Tanner was suspended from his job, he initially filed a lawsuit against the Loudoun board. He has since been temporarily reinstated while the case is pending.

Neither she nor Ms Gill and Ms Wright offered immediate comment on their case on Friday, but all three are scheduled to speak at a press conference scheduled after the hearing on Monday.

Monday’s hearing will be the latest in a series of events that have shaken K-12 education in Loudoun County this year. Policy regarding “transgender and broad” students is part of the school system’s comprehensive diversity, equality and inclusion. strategy This angered some parents and taxpayers.

Loudoun County’s policies regarding transgender students’ bathroom use are said to be at the root of an alleged sexual assault on a high school female student this year. In this case, which garnered national attention, the victim’s father was arrested while trying to protest the attack. school board meeting.

After Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler revealed that there was no sexual assault in county schools, he later backed down and admitted that there had been. This week, Mr. Ziegler announced an “independent review” of how the incident was handled.