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Teen mom’s Amber Portwood calls out about relationship with daughter

Teen mom Amber Portwood breaks down over broken Leah relationship 2

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Emotional ginn. Amber Portwood broke down in tears as she described her strained relationship with her 12-year-old daughter, Leah, whom she shares with the ex Gary Shirley.

The reality star, 31, appeared during Tuesday, September 14, episode of Teen Mom OG that Leah refuses to go to therapy with her in an attempt to repair their relationship.

“It really breaks my heart that Lea and I are drifting apart,” he said 16 & pregnant said the Alumn. “For the last six years, I saw a psychiatrist. I really think if I could go to therapy with Leah, it would bring us closer. But Gary did [his wife] Kristina [Anderson] feel different. “

Teen mom Amber Portwood breaks down over broken Leah relationship

Amber Portwood and Leah Powered by Amber Portwood / Instagram

She added, “We’ve already talked about therapy for Leah, but Gary was not for it at all. Therapy is a good thing for you and your mom to get back together and having that mediator can get you started and a little bit. I think she’s going to be happier in life to understand a little bit more about what the past was like and how I am today. It’s ok to have a mom who was through these things. You should not be ashamed of it. which has to happen, but I can do nothing about it because [Gary] has primary concern about her. “

Later in the episode, De Gary, 34, and his wife talk about Leah’s hesitant relationship with Never too late Author.

“I talked to Leah last night to see if she was up for therapy,” Gary explains. “I know she’s against it, but I told her to think if it’s good for her. I’m not sitting here and making Leha go somewhere because it helps Amber. How can I encourage Lea to do something? do what she does not want to do when her mother does not do what she has to do?

Gary notes that his daughter is now 12 and not “those years will come back” that she missed with her mother.

“If there is going to be any reunion or reconciliation, then it must be as if Amber has really dug deep and really done what she really needs to do to be the mother she needs,” he added. “Make sure you apologize for all the years you put other people first and did not put your daughter first. … I want to protect Leah. I want to make sure she is not hurt.”

One week earlier, Amber had detailed the separation of the mother-daughter pair.

“I haven’t seen her in a long time,” she says said in a confessional during the September 7 episode. “Leah and I are still struggling with our relationship. My relationship with Leah has changed a lot.

Teen mom Amber Portwood breaks down over broken Leah relationship 4

Leah Powered by Amber Portwood / Instagram

The Indiana native at the time claimed that her ex-boyfriend and his wife loved Leah. “I have not heard from Gary or Leah if I saw her at Easter,” Amber said. “I feel very stressed now. A little sad. … All I do is text Leah all the time. I’m not getting anything back. Ni. No longer.”

The MTV personality — who also shares the 3-year-old boy James mat ex Andrew Glennonpreviously promised to “get things right” with her eldest child in the midst of ongoing drama.

“I know you go through a lot and there are a lot of things I have to do to get things right,” she said in an Instagram tribute in April. “Anyway, I will always love you, my beautiful daughter. Love you and happy Easter.”

Amber’s Instagram post came a month later Lea revealed that she had no relationship with her mother.

“We do not really have such a connection,” Leah explained in a March episode of Teen Mom OG. “12 years and she really did nothing. That was kind of like Kristina’s place … Everything she did was born to me.

Teen Mom OG will be broadcast on MTV on Tuesday at 8pm ET.

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