May 9, 2021


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Teenagers with Lincoln City defender Bobby Dean

Belfast knows some of the upcoming Northern Ireland footballers who are making their mark on the water in the new series “Teen Kick”.

We start by talking to young Lincoln City defender Bobby Dean.

The former Derri City star joined Lincoln last summer and has reached the pinnacle of Candlestick legend Paddy McCurry.

We still know about Bobby’s career and his stay in Lincoln.

We will also dismiss some general football-related questions to the young international star.

Your life in Lincoln City

1. Paddy Macquar, director of the Derry City Academy, thanked you for your response, saying, “Everyone has the right qualities to be successful.” What does it mean for you to be praised by someone who has played so much?

Bobby: “Paddy has a lot of confidence in me, especially since he’s from Derri, so it gives me a lot of confidence. Paddy has been very good to me and has helped me a lot in the last two years.

2. What was it like to move to another country during an epidemic? Was it difficult to decide what to do?

Bobby “100%. Before I was transferred, it was already difficult to adapt to the new Cowboy restrictions and then it became more difficult for me to walk on the water.

Staying at home and not having a lot of freedom is something that everyone has struggled with and should come to it but I know I have grown as a person over the last year and in the future.

I think the ban has made my first year here more difficult than it should be but my parents and agent Lee Mood have been a great support to me and I really appreciate that.

Bobby in action for Tristar at the 2014 Foil Cup

3. How was your first season in Lincoln City? Has it been as challenging as you might have expected or are you surprised about it?

Bobby: “At first, I didn’t really expect to be honest. It’s very simple, it plays football, and I never thought that was it.
But the reality is much worse. Repeating and raising the stairs on and off the field is a daily routine and very important, and it can often be difficult to continue playing at such a high level when I am still young.

But I feel that both the football coaching and the quality here have greatly improved me.

The current Lincoln head coach Tom Shaw and the academy Jordan Mack were very good at supporting me here and pushing me to improve every day, so I am very grateful for that.

4. Lincoln are currently in League One, runners-up and play and have been in the Guba Conference for years, but have a chance of advancing to the championship. As a young player, is that pressure something you can feel every day around the club?

Bobby: “Honestly, the coaches and the staff didn’t put a lot of pressure on us as young players because of the position of the first team, but they have a lot of respect for us as youngsters and players.

“They expect the highest application every day and let you know if you’re not there. In general, for the club, reflect on the first team play at Lincoln Academy here, which will allow us to get used to it better.” We are called. ”

5. Being in the same situation, living outdoors and playing football, do you have any contact with other Northern Ireland players currently playing in England or Scotland?

Bobby: “Yeah, we wanted to see how it went in our new life, so I wrote to the ladies who had moved to different clubs. I often texted men I had known since I was a child and who came with me through the club’s NI program. ”

Your life in football

6. Who is the influential coach you grew up with? Either in Northern Ireland or in Lincoln.

Bobby: “My influential coach is Jim Maglton. He’s a great player and he’s always 100% honest with you, which is something he admires as a young player.

“Corey Lawrey is one of the most thought-provoking coaches in Derry City and Gavin Doherti in Trestar and they have helped me a lot in my youth.”

Bobby Dean continues to impress

7. When did you first realize Lincoln City?

Bobby: “Lincoln first introduced me to Belfast in a friendly against the Crusaders in Derry City. After the game, my dad and I came and asked what I wanted to see. ”

8. Who is the current favorite Northern Ireland player?

Bobby said: “My favorite Northern Ireland player is Stuart Dallas, who came to the Premier League and is currently playing for a big club like Leeds United in the Premier League.

I also have great respect for Gareth McCulle, who was fortunate enough to train and talk to him at the recent NI U19 training camp in Beltstra. He also played for Lincoln, which is a bonus! ”

9. What does it mean for you to have one day the highest capital for Northern Ireland?

Bobby: “When I first made the call, I still considered it a great achievement because having a high trophy in Northern Ireland means a lot to me.”

10. What was your first football memory?

Bobby: “My first memory of football was probably playing on the rocks and trying to develop new skills and always be competitive. I remember that I was always in a bad mood when I lost, often playing with my older brother and older friends.

11. What was the first football tournament you participated in?

Bobby: “The first real game I went to was when I was 7 or 8 years old and my dad took me and my older brother to Old Trafford pretending to be Sir Alex’s personal invitation letter! Robin van Persie scored against West Ham that night and the atmosphere was unforgettable. ”

Robin van Persie playing for West Ham United

12. Who was your first football hero?

Bobby: “My first football hero was Cristiano Ronaldo because I admired his work experience and how he could do anything to improve his skills. We went on vacation to Spain and every time we went there I wore a “Dean” and a Real Madrid shirt with the number 7 on it.

13. Which group did you support when he grew up?

Bobby: “I’ve always been a fan of United, since I was able to walk.”

14. Which player in world football is probably the most modeled of your game?

Bobby: “I want to see Immeric Laporte because he is a left-back like me and very intelligent with and without the ball.”

15. What is your favorite football?

Bobby: “My favorite football in all of Adadas’ first brands, the real retro” is the famous West German top 90s. I remember my father was the head of Lotus Matthias and I looked great.

Paul Parker In the 1990 World Cup semi-final between West Germany and England, he moved to block West Germany captain Lothar Mataus.

16. What better way to win the World Cup with Northern Ireland or the Champions League with your childhood club?

Bobby: “I believe it is the best trophy that any football player can win and that only a select few have won. I would rather win the World Cup than the Champions League.”

17. Who is your dream of a five-dimensional team of players in world football? Past and present.

Bobby: “My dream 5 will be as follows: Peter Schmeichel, Paolo Maldini, Roy Ken, Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.”

18. What is your favorite match you have ever played?

Bobby: “My favorite game of all time was when I played against Estonia in Northern Ireland and when I scored against them, my whole family was there and the stadium announcer said my name. It was a room. ”

Bobby Dine celebrates scoring against Estonia

19. What match did you watch?

Bobby: “One of the best games I’ve ever seen is Tottenham qualifying for the Champions League final. He will be back with Ajax in 2019. I had goose bumps. ”

20. Finally, Messi or Ronaldo?

Bobby: “Cr7 all the time. God betrayed Messi, Ronaldo had to work for him! ”