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Telehel companies continue to report revenue growth, net loss in K1


In the first quarter of 2021, telecom companies continued to make profits by preparing their businesses for the COVID-19 crisis-free world.

Amewell posted $ 57.6 million for the quarter, up 7.2% year-on-year, while Tadell Health market leader Tadlad Health continued to post $ 453.7 million in quarterly earnings, up more than 150.9% year-over-year. SASA Telemed, which specializes in emergency care, posted $ 14.8 million, up 0.1%.

The three companies, all reported net losses, said they were working to identify themselves in a crowded market – in part by convincing investors that they could be a single seller for all or many of their clients’ virtual care needs.

Reston, V.-based SC Telemed acquired Apps Doctors in March, adding $ 194 million in services to SAC Telemed’s portfolio, including infectious diseases, heart disease, obstetrics and nephrology. According to financial results posted on Thursday, Access Physicians donated $ 14.8 million to Soko Telemed for $ 364,000.

According to John Calyx, CEO of SOC Telemed, the company is “differentiated” from competitors who can now focus on only one specialty, selling USS Telemed services to ten clinical specialists. Calyx said, “There are challenges and complexities of working with multiple vendors, which has paved the way for customers to apply the scope of SOC telemide devices to customers instead of offering solutions.

In a call to investment analysts on Thursday, Calyx said, “Healthcare systems and hospitals are looking for a partner in areas where there are significant resource constraints.

SOC Telemed, which It became official In October, it will merge with a special purpose acquisition company to provide specialist coverage with hospitals and emergency care providers. Unlike other telecom companies, COVID-19 did not see an increase in revenue due to patients being at home and outside health care facilities.

According to S.C.M. Telemed, the costs associated with access to Access Physicians are high. It reported a net loss of $ 12.6 million for the quarter compared to $ 7.2 million in the first quarter of 2020.

The company expects revenue from $ 20 million to $ 103 million in 2021.

As markets closed on Thursday, Sosi Telemed’s stock rose from $ 6.84 to $ 7.26 on Friday morning.

With Amwell in Boston posting financial results on Wednesday, executives have been calling on investment analysts to discuss the product launch, which began last month.

A platform converter that provides an access point for Ammel products and applications from partners such as Google Cloud And Cleveland Clinic, Allows customers to select which devices they want on their platform version to enroll more as needed. Those apps will add another revenue stream to Amelwell, executives say.

The idea is to create a “ready-for-the-future” platform so that customers know they can continue to use AMwell technology as they expand their virtual care programs, ”said Dr. Idon Shonberg, chairman and CEO of Amelwell. He said he expects the forum to start contributing to revenue growth by 2022.

In our ecosystem, the value of networking is of paramount importance to all parties… so we believe we will see a very high revenue stream and a lot of posting, ”Schönberg said.

Shunberg has He has already said He sees the company moving primarily to technology providers rather than service providers. Linn In the first quarter of 2021, Ammel’s medical team will make up only 20 percent of the total visits to the Amawel Forum, and the rest will be held in their own clinics on health systems and health plans.

In the first quarter of last year, Amuel Medical Group performed half of the stage visits.

Amwell’s first quarter earnings were mainly $ 24.6 million from subscriptions, more than 12.8 percent per year and $ 27.8 million from visitors, 4.9%. During the same period last year, the company posted 120.7 percent of its 725,000 visits for the quarter, showing a net loss of $ 39.8 million compared to $ 25.2 million in the previous quarter.

Amwell, which It became official With $ 100 million invested in Google in September, it expects to earn between $ 260 million and $ 270 million by 2021.

On Thursday morning, Ammel’s stock fell below $ 12.82, the day the company announced its quarterly earnings – and the biggest drop in January’s $ 42.80. It rose to $ 9.75 on Thursday afternoon, but returned to $ 11.57 as of Friday afternoon.

Purchases were $ 136.99 as of Friday morning’s New Teladok stock. Two weeks ago, Teladak posted quarterly earnings, including $ 388.2 million in revenue from subscriber access payments, $ 183.2% and revenue of $ 54.5 million. The company reported 4.3 million visits, including 1.1 million, to customers’ own clinics, up 109.4%.

Taladock reported a net loss of $ 199.6 million, compared to a net loss of $ 29.6 million in the previous quarter.

Teladok’s “Competitive Benefits” provides companies with a wide range of enhanced clinical equipment and services. InTouch Health, Tele Health Enterprise and Livongo, A digital health company focused on chronic disease management.

Teladok was already working to sell Livongo’s intensive care programs to hospitals and health systems that already use Teladok’s virtual care services.

“Customers are looking for comprehensive and comprehensive solutions,” said Jelly Gorevic, CEO of Telad. “That opportunity continues to grow, especially among the growing number of hospitals,” he said. You are not looking for a point. They have to merge with each other to unite (and).

Throughout April 28, Talaadok has increased its 2021 direction by $ 20 million, bringing its annual revenue from $ 1.97 billion to $ 2.02 billion.

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