Ten Cannabis and Strains to Eat to Welcome Autumn

Golden poplar leaves, school days, early nights, and fantastic football have arrived. It’s time to get into the falling mood.

Colorado’s fall traditions no longer begin and end with Oktoberfest and Halloween. Marijuana is now part of the celebration, and there are numerous strains and infused treats made with pumpkin, maple, and apple ingredients to satisfy the seasonal gems. Here are a handful of strains that bring fall-inspired flavors and effects alongside our favorite marijuana products for the 2021 leaf-watching season:

Sweet Grass Pumpkin Pie
A terrible pumpkin pie – how can you not indulge? Sweet Grass’ mini pumpkin pies, dosed at 10 milligrams of THC per pie (75 milligrams for medical patients), have become a pillar of seasonal dispensary treatments in Colorado. It’s cheap, delicious, and easy to find in dispensaries throughout the fall. Take it to a friends day party before visiting your aunt’s and uncle’s house, or leave it in your fridge to enjoy a wake-up call and coffee for baking. Stoner tip: To raise the THC, add ice cream on top for an extra boost of fat.

Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Bar
Addicted to that pumpkin spice instead of the real thing? The Incredibles got their flannel-wearing ass covered. You can always count on Incredibles candies to have a hard punch and chocolate combos that will impress Willy Wonka. Seasonal for fall this year, Pumpkin Pie Delight is a white chocolate bar made with pumpkin pie spice, graham cracker crumbs, and 100 milligrams of THC. Don’t worry about consuming too much: The bar is so rich you’ll think you’re eating cheesecake, so consider sharing it with your friends.

Coda Signature Maple and Walnut Bar
Pumpkin isn’t the only fall flavor. Coda Signature’s dark moisture stick is available in dispensaries all year, but this time of year it hits the hardest. The combination of South American chocolate, nut butter, maple, smoked sea salt, and pecans make it stand out in a candy store, let alone a pottery. Trader Joe’s could include this 100-milligram wonder on its fall 2021 aisle, right next to cornbread biscuits and zucchini macaroni and cheese, and customers would go to a similar level of silliness for it. It’s that good.

7 Holy Candies

There are plenty of good dispensary options for fall-inspired caramels—Rebel’s apple pie caramels and Cheeba Chews are a couple that come to mind—but our favorites this season are from 7Sacred. According to founder Mike Alagna, the Telluride-based edibles company produces savory, apple butter, peach, and cherry caramel varieties at 10 milligrams of THC per piece, all derived from Colorado ingredients. Peaches come from Palisade, apples come from the West Slope of Colorado, and cherries and hemp come from the state. The apple butter flavor is a great choice for fall, but with 7Sacred’s peach caramels, we can keep winter pretending like summer. They are so juicy and sweet that you will believe for a moment that you have a peach in your mouth; Hash aftertaste is minimal.

Sweet Mary Jane’s Horchata Cookies
One of the OGs of fun, mystery treats, Sweet Mary Jane can always be relied upon to do something seasonal. To mimic the popular Mexican drink enjoyed in summer and early fall this year, we’re digging into horchata cookies, ten sugar cookie packages made with cajeta, cinnamon chips, and vanilla pudding. Unlike edibles made with a THC distillate, cookies infused with CO2 hash oil and pot-infused vegetable shortening to give you a more versatile high have virtually no herb flavor. Cookies are not packaged separately, which makes them susceptible to breakage, which can make dosing a little difficult. But the taste is always worth it.

Your own buttery THC cider
This do-it-yourself project is easy and fast enough to complete before the morning is over, yet powerful enough to keep you warm throughout the day. Hot cider is often fortified with rum (or whiskey so it’s not overly sweet) and that’s the end of it. But add hemp oil mixed in and you have one or two combinations that are decadent if not dangerous. Making your own mulled cider It’s a lot easier than you might think, and the cinnamon and nutmeg just enough overpowers the cannabutter flavor. This trick works for hot buttered rum, as well as coffee and whiskey. Who says pros are all the fun in the kitchen?


Click to enlarge Apple Pie - HERBERT FUEGO

apple pie

Herbert’s Fever

apple pie
A popular strain among reputable breeders such as Snaxland, Veritas, Callie’s Garden, and Bloom County, the Apple Fritter creates high perfection for a day spent watching football. The euphoria and easy giggles allow you to pick up your pace during an hour or so of a morning walk or errands, but the strain’s heavy THC content and slow-soothing effects come through eventually, and the munchies are particularly potent. The flavor behind this blend of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple reminds me more of an afternoon picnic than a morning patisserie. Again.

Intricate, sweet and hard, it’s like walking into a undulating Amsterdam coffee shop, where notes of Oreoz, dark chocolate, coffee, and wood are covered by a blanket of skunk, pine. The fragrance is decadent yet scary, with a relatively soothing effect, like the new school version of Bubba Kush. The strength of Oreoz almost guarantees a trip to the moon or the couch on your first try, but treating the strain more like karma makes the trip more manageable. Short afternoon sessions consistently bring productive peaks, but I’ve never successfully avoided munchies after a game with Oreoz. Keep it around for horror movie marathons and a pre-dinner puff and you can’t go wrong.

Durban Bird
Durban Kush will likely remain in the shadows of its more popular parents and has now achieved the status of the skipped big brother of Girl Scout Cookies, another cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison, but Durban Kush still managed to get some pretty big buzz. presence in Colorado. The high is relatively productive, providing a boost of energy and enthusiasm without the heavy munchies, and the strain’s Chem D effect adds metallic and citrus flavors to the mix for a chemical-prone flavor that always opens my eyes. Take this traditional daytime stretch for a spin before peeking at the leaves, jogging or afternoon walks, but keep some water around as your mouth will be drier than usual.

Mac and Cheese
A comfort for cold days, Mac and Cheese’s best quality is the lack of guilt it creates. Sitting on my ass all day makes me hate myself more as I get older, and the need to de-stress during mental times is crucial. A mix of MAC and Alien Cheese, Mac and Cheese is almost too good at this, wiping out any mess to give for the next six hours. This is a sign of dangerous tension at any time of the day, so keep that in mind before you light up and start your to-do list. That said, it’s definitely not a bad option when it’s snowing in Denver before Halloween.


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