Terese Halliburton was the one stealing the 2020 NBA Draft


TIRESE HALIBURTON was the NBA Draft 2020 steal

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Since fox Knocked out due to injury, Halliburton averaged 18.5 points per game and nine assists, nearly twice that. In this four-game period, he has averaged more points and assists than both Edwards and Paul have achieved this season. This shows that when Halliburton has more opportunities to be productive, he makes the most of it and excels with the ball in his hands.

Halliburton’s double-header in Sacramento’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers once again proved why he deserved to go early in the draft. At just 21 years old, Haliburton gives Sacramento fans something to look forward to as part of a young Northern California core. It may have dropped to 12th overallBut Therese explains that Sacramento has found draft theft in 2020.


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