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Terrible moment a huge sinkhole 300 feet wide by 60 feet deep opens. world | News


A 300-feet wide and 60-feet deep sinkhole appeared on Saturday at a farm in Santa Maria Zacatepec, Puebla state. It is increasing day by day, approaching to consume a home and terrifying the locals.

Footage from the incident shows the ground falling into large pieces at one point as witnesses ran screaming for safety.

Authorities have asked the public to avoid the affected area, with residents of a nearby house forced to evacuate.

Speaking to El Sol de México, one of the owners, Magdalena Sanchez, said she heard a loud bang like thunder before seeing the sinkhole.

She said: “I panicked.”

According to officials in Mexico, the sinkhole was likely the result of a geological fault and variation in the water content of the soil as it sits on the Alto Altaiac fault.

Local activists dispute this, claiming that it was caused by an incident caused by overuse of aquifers in the area.

Aquifers are underground layers of permeable rock that hold water that can sometimes soften the sub-soil above them.

Other locals familiar with the area claimed that the site used to be a pond.

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The sinkhole continues to expand by dozens of meters each day, raising fears that a nearby house may soon consume it.

The Sanchez family, who thought the loud crash they heard on Saturday night was a lightning strike, quickly realized that it had actually collapsed just a few meters from their home.

Speaking to local media, Heriberto Sanchez, who hails from the region, said: “We don’t have anything. We are not from here. We don’t have any relatives. We are alone.”

An investigation would be carried out by public bodies, but a soil test could mean that it could take up to 30 days to determine the cause.

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