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Terror behind the walls on Halloween


Update Canceled due to Covid 2020 terrorist visits. But read on to plan for 2021 without fear!

If you want to enjoy, you will love Halloween in Philadelphia and the scary tour East Prison The “Terror Behind the Walls” is a six-week event that will raise enough money for the renovation of the former prison next year.

Here is my story from the time I visited. And I’m a kid who can’t even watch the first Jurassic Park movie without wanting to sit on the cinema floor…

As I sat at the desk in my historic room Pen View Hotel In Philadelphia, I take off my pants.

In two hours I will line up with the problem East Prison Prison (now a museum) for a Halloween tour. The terror behind the walls, They call it. It’s scary. Everyone I spoke to today wished me well.


I left this post here and have a glass of wine and will continue after I return. If I come back…

East Prison
Arrive at sunset to start the panic


After 3 hours…

I still can’t believe I’m breathing! Here is how the most exciting night of my life turned out:

The taxi pulled us in front of the former prison, so Halloween doesn’t need to be scary. But tonight I was terrified by the flood light and the horrible sounds behind the walls.

East Prison
Light filters through the cell window

In 1829 a “prison” was erected in solitary confinement. Surprisingly, the prison had indoor toilets before the White House! Prisoners were escorted outside for training, with their heads covered over their heads. I’m not sure they repented, but it was a prison that was fully operational until it was abandoned in the 1970s.

The sun was shining on all the eve of Halloween as we walked to the ticket box in front of the sturdy stone walls of the two-story doors. We were a little early, so when the messengers inside entered their character, they received advice from the agent who was guarding the Wano Spokesman on the other side of the road for a beer (to calm my nerves) and a bite on the old jack fire station. (They highly recommend dinner here at the bar!)

That’s the time.

Of course, we are in the United States, so the first thing we do is sign that we will not sue the organizers if our luggage is properly inspected and we die.

They told me that this month, five people were leaving the ambulance. Let me tell you what I signed and I will force another crowded gig and I will take another copy of the apology.

East Prison
You have been warned…

Then we choose whether to carry a shining band around the neck. It encourages me to find my husband. Turn it on and put it around your neck and we can touch it, maybe we are separated from each other, we are accidentally pushed through doors, chained to the sound effects and other supports hidden in dark corners in other corners. He is being held in this dark prison in Lalibela.

If I think I’m going to die, I can get rid of him.

There is also an installation phrase “Monster Good” You can hire him at any time. The two girls in front of us hold a glittering necklace and shout, “Be a good monster.”

Zombie Eastern Province Prison
Her makeup is great, you have to accept it!

The zombie police quietly escorted us to the first room.

It’s dark, the strobe lights are flashing, the piston is ringing, the metal doors are ringing in the distance, dry ice is swaying in front of us and 120 actors (everyone who has listened to the session and know CPR) are jumping. Reach the ankle from top to bottom. Some make noises, others just stare.

I shrug my shoulders and feel his beat as I hold his wife’s hand tightly in one hand. The other hand grabbed me by the back of my jacket as I bent down to the back of the hallway.

There was screaming and screaming in the distance from the guests who were rolling behind us.

Terror behind the walls
Another “Friend”

Silent friends I can handle. I was amazed at their makeup and when my head turned, BOOM! A bloody scream jumped out of his throat, and a throat I had never heard before came out of my throat.

We finish the first of the five buildings, take a deep breath when we get outside, and laugh with the rest of our group.

Somehow Hobby and I are in front, which means the monsters suddenly catch us. The best position for neurologists should be on the second or third level, so the people in front of you have already started the scary step. But to do that you have to keep going. So we were left in the lurch.

We will take the next group. A girl in front of me was snatched from her partner’s palm and sent to a trap. She screams and I’m amazed. We will not see her for a while.

When another person is dragged to a dentist’s chair and fights for his freedom, tools come out.

Air bubbles in my head in the dark. Hands brushed my ankles. Loud echoes in the halls.

Unbeknownst to us, we end up in the middle of a long, dark tube between two long-winded tubes. My hands are so sweaty I can stick to the mud jacket.

It’s finally over and we stumble upon a night when our staff is waiting to sell us photos and the strikers are happy with the pictures.

East Prison
I got it! Round my neck with a light band.

We pull ourselves together and head down to the prisons and see what this prison museum holds on a typical day and buy cocktails in a bar in front of Al Capon Cell.

The famous bandit was arrested here in 1929 and was allowed to search the walls for carpets, desks, lamps, and photographs. It was re-created today, as it were.

The prison could be renovated for another year, as we confirmed that this terrible night was 25 years old and that he was making a lot of money.

Al Capon East Province
Al Capon’s perforated cell

The terror behind the walls It is the most hated house in America. From the end of September to the beginning of November, pants are open for six weeks to threaten Halloween.

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Another unusual – and some kind of brutal act in Philadelphia. Mother Museum It is full of medical science on the dead!


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