Tesco customers can get free coins to spend at the supermarket if they move fast

Martin Lewis explained how Tesco customers can get free money to spend at the supermarket if they act fast.

The finance guru has returned to advise on: Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV Thursday night (October 14).

And speaking on the ITV show, Martin advised “get some support before Christmas.”

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Speaking on the ITV show, Martin Lewis said: “This is where you do your Christmas shopping now? Tesco?

“This is your last chance for a free support.

“Basically the Clubcard Christmas Savings Plan – you have to complete it by next Wednesday.”

He went on to explain: “You pay for what you do, and that gives you coupons to spend in-store – but adds 6 percent on top of it.

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“So if you know you’re going to spend it at Tesco for Christmas, you can charge it before next Wednesday and put in £200 and you’ll have £212 and that’s a bit of a boost.

“Merry Christmas.”

Also on the show, Martin issued a warning to anyone with car insurance.

He told people to consider switching car insurers now as he said price changes were coming.

He explained that insurers could make a big change in policy prices “within a few weeks”.


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