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Tesla radar changes will leave security options in place


Elon Musk’s contempt for Lider is well documented. Tesla’s general manager is now cool on another sensor, which he feels is necessary to establish certain safety features on most cars.

Tesla stopped supplying Model 3 and Model Y vehicles radar sensors in April last week. The change was immediate. Three leading car safety companies have stripped vehicles of their safety labels.

The Federal Supervision Agency (NSA), which has been charged with verifying vehicle safety, has improved five-star crash safety standards. Removed checkpoints to provide features such as vehicle collision warning, off-road warning, crash avoidance braking and dynamic brake support.

Consumer Reports And for the Highway Safety Insurance Institution, repeating the Model 3 “Top Pick” and “Top Safety Pick +” sequences.

“If a driver thinks their vehicles are safe, that will basically change the safety of the vehicle,” said David Friedman, vice president of security. Consumer Reports And the former NHSTS Acting Administrator. They may not think it will save their lives.

Instead of arming its cars, Tesla is switching to Tesla Vision’s camera-only system, which is based on machine learning to operate certain safety features, and autopilot and “full self-driving” behavior still require human motorists to take responsibility. Many cars are taking the opposite direction. Information relied on cameras and radar to support specific driver support features, and many want to add unity to those systems in the years to come. Cameras, LEDs and radar each have their strengths and weaknesses. By combining different types of sensors, motorists can get more information about cross-checking.

In a number of incidents, including a major accident investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, Tesla vehicles collided with parked first responders, and safety features such as autopilot were activated.

Removing the radar means the system is getting worse, says Sam Abul-Samid, chief research analyst at Goldhouse Insights.

Obviously, their combination with the single-radar sensor on the front would never be enough for a true Level 2 system, and they would not know how to use it efficiently. The best solution is not to remove one sensor, but follow the GM and Ford route, with the help of cutting corners with four-dimensional radar sensors, because that is definitely where Tesla issues.

Tesla said the radar removal will affect Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built on or after April 27th. In a blog post, The company says that cars equipped with Tesla Vision may acquire some features “temporarily limited or inactive”. These include Smart Summon and Emergency Road Outreach. In a matter of weeks, Tesla said those features will be back in a number of over-the-air software updates. The car did not respond to further comments.

Brian Rimmer, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the camera-only system is a serious security question.

“If the performance of the new system is not good, we are taking a step back from efficiency and consumer transparency that will negatively affect security,” he said.

Camera-only system can support certain features. Subaru’s optical system uses two stereo cameras. But those cameras are split at approximately 12 inches. Other cars are looking for a way to push the cameras farther away – towards the A column of the vehicle. The more distant, the more accurate it is to measure the depth of things.

According to Abul-Samid, Tesla Vision’s three cameras combined have questioned the ability to make accurate measurements.

“What they do is a less realistic solution to measure distance, and then they don’t even have radar to filter those measurements they really need in low light, fog or rain,” he said. In fact, I think they say, ‘We all get in the cameras, and we save ourselves a few dollars by throwing a radar sensor.’ “

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