May 9, 2021


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Test Cup: Ulster Captain Ayn Henderson: Leopards give priority to Lions ahead of European semi-final

Ulster Captain Ayn Henderson insists next week that the South African Lions will have a big explosion on the rugby horizon and will only have eyes for tigers.

Warren Gatland will name the visiting team to face Springbox in three trials and five other programs next Thursday in July and early August.

And Henderson, hoping to be part of a second visit to the famous Red Shirt, will miss Friday night’s Challenge Cup semi-final against Leicester at Welford Street.

“This will be a wonderful summer for the men who visit and a great opportunity for all who have the opportunity,” he said.

“But for me, it’s all about controlling your hand and rugby. You need to be able to go back and focus on this week.

Many controversial decisions have already been made (regarding the choice of lions) so it is out of your control.

Henderson, who has won 63 Irish games since making his Ulster debut nine years ago. He did not participate in the 2012 European Championship final.

That Heineken Cup defeat was a huge defeat for Leicester in Leicester, and the club’s last trophy was in the previous Celtic League Cup in 2006.

Ulster have recently fallen – last season’s Pro 14 final was a great example for Leicester – but the 28-year-old’s recent experiences have been a source of cash for the club’s younger players.

“To play with the end, you have to consistently win and win to win big, for many young men or relatively inexperienced men,” said Henderson.

The closer we get, the more the men are treated in that area. And the more we get there, the more likely we are to learn to win.

Although Ulster was preferred to take England’s third consecutive title after beating Northampton and Harlequins in previous rounds, Henderson’s downfall was a major concern.

He also believes that the Tigers were his coaching staff when he first visited New Zealand in 2017 as head coach and former England locksmith Steve Bortwick.

“He is trying to get Leicester back to where it was and the clinical version,” Henderson said. “There was a lot of resentment in the past and he was trying to add a little more mind to it.

Ain Henderson in the Lions action in 2017

“He was a great player in Sarans and I think he wants to bring that in the men he coaches. It makes them chase and they want to go to all these guns with a burning fire. ”

Henderson, who made his third appearance for Ulster this season in the Rainbow Cup defeat to Conchat, will start second with Alan O’Connor.

Jacob Stoke has a defensive back line, with Ethan McLaily on the left and Michael Lowry and Will Adon sitting on a solid bench.

Allr Stodele; Balukoun, Hum, Makloski, Machiloroy; Burns, Connie; Osulivan, Herring, Moore, Henderson, A Okonner; Rea, Murphy, Timoni.

Lister Pastor; Porter, Moroni, Scott, Nadolo; Ford, Wigglesworth; Ginger, T. Young, Cole, Wells, Green, Martin, Libenburg, Wise.