May 9, 2021


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Thamhu Limited-edition announces releases for the festival

Thamdu has unveiled two highly anticipated limited releases for the Spiceide Whiskey Festival digital spirit this year.

The Tamdu Dalbeli Drama 004 and the Tamdu Club Single Kask are part of the festive program.

Today (Friday, April 30) starting at 8pm, the Tamdu Dalbeli Drama 004 and Tamhu Club Single Cast will officially kick off in a virtual tasting event as part of the Paceide Whiskey Festival.

During the event, the “Tamhu Club” panel will discuss the latest limited editions with Thamdu brand ambassador Gordon Dundais and distribution manager Sandy McKinette.

Every year, the spirit of the Spruce Whiskey Festival announces a special edition of the Dalbley Drama, which celebrates the famous Dallas Railway Station next to the ID. Since its completion in 1899, the site has played an important role in bringing the Tamar bark to Spain from Spain.

Dalbeli drum 004 Individually numbered and sealed strength 61% ABV, non-cold refined and natural dye. Only one of the best lollipop reservoirs in Spain from Gerz’s collaboration and Bodegas has matured.

There are only 1000 bottles of Dalbeallie Dram 004 to buy from the Tamdhu online store alone as an online comb today, and the price is 5. 95.00 per 70 km bottle (61% ABV).

As the only mature glass in Scotland’s finest Oloroso ryri reservoirs, the T-single’s release releases are highly anticipated every year – many of the latest bottles receiving top industry awards.

Speyside distiller decided to consult with Thamdu Club members for the first time in 123 years of history this year. Working with five club members, six individual cassettes were sampled to select the winning Tundu single club.

Following an all-in-one taste, members of the Taddu Club – Honorable Drinking Writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley, as well as the founders of the Sick Collectors and Thamu Appreciation Association, Single Cassette No. 7196 – were selected for the first round of American Oak Rear Butt.

Thamdu Club Single Cascade

Sick Club Single Cast can only buy 582 bottles from ሰዓት 279.00 5 279.00 (59.3% ABV) online from the online store.

Sandy McKinner, general manager of Thamdu Volcano, said: “The spirit of Pisces whiskey is one of the highlights of the Tanda calendar, which gives us the opportunity to talk to whiskey fans around the world. Unfortunately, we can’t meet our fans in person – but we have a variety of great fantasy events and two amazing new releases for this year’s event.

Our fourth solo Dallas drama is one of the most important episodes in the history of the band. The latest bottle is filled with dark fruits, vanilla and lightly roasted oak, with a beautiful thick mouth.

It was an exciting project to be part of the Tumdu Club Single Case selection process. Some of the biggest fans of the brand gathered around an imaginary table to discuss which whiskey was best for the next solo. The result is a fast-paced classic, rich, fruity and creamy drama.

Both bottles are available for purchase through the Tamduhu online store starting at 8 p.m. over here.