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Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, the wheels drop in Green Bay and it’s an uncommonly cool feeling …


Guys, this is official … the wheels are down in Green Bay and the Packers are in scramble mode. It was a strong week of disastrous reporting and worsening reports coming from the locker room and front office at Lambeau Field.

Now before all of my Packer fans who stumble upon this article get a lot of excitement, let me just talk about something. I am not here because I enjoy enjoying the suffering of others, even my fans of Packer. This is an observational post highlighting the fact that Vikings fans over the past 30 years have cheered for the team apparently causing dysfunctions all the time Green Bay fans enjoyed stability and comfort as long as they could remember it.

moving forward.

For darn near my whole life, the Minnesota Vikings have been a whirlpool of emotions to follow, both on and off the football field. Good years followed by bad years, mixed in national drama along the way. Even with the good years, an ugly cousin disaster was looming.

Seriously, think about it.

Tournament Game of the 98th, 12 Men in the Gathering, Blair Walsh wide on the left, The Philly Flop all the situations that shattered our little hearts in their most fragile moments. Then there are the exciting words like “Love Boat,” “I’ve told Percy,” Stefon Diggs, Croc-Gate, Sam Bradford, Tom Presso, and more. Think about it, guys! Our stadiums have collapsed on us, our midfielders have suffered career-changing injuries, it just became something we would expect from our favorite soccer team.

Meanwhile, since the early 1990s, Green Bay Packers have been an example of stability and success. They won two Super Bowls, set up two Hall of Famers, set a record 293-169 and laughed at Vikings’ troubles all the time.

This is why the last scenario we see in Green Bay is so weird. Legitimate Minnesota Vikings fans don’t know how to handle this.

Aaron Rodgers makes his way out of Green Bay collapsing the entire organization along the way. Having your own quarterback hall of fame Telling Free Agents not to log into Green BayHear he’s ejaculating Insults of a noble sporting nature In your GM and have a try Said GM was expelled as a condition of returnAll this is evidence that wherever there has been smoke in the last year or two, there has definitely been a fire burning beneath the surface.

It is a completely unfamiliar area for Vikings fans who watch Bugs from outside. But remember, it is probably an unfamiliar area for Packers fans at home where they have no basis in knowing how to handle a situation of this size.

If anything, let this last stand happen on Green Bay remind you of a few things. (1) Nothing good lasts forever, especially in the NFL. (2) Perhaps the role of the Vikings for three decades of stability and success!

Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Kellen Mond … Let’s get started !!!

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