May 9, 2021


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That’s why love-K-content remains unbearable

MAnila, Philippines – Filipinos are no strangers to KV dramas, and some people are worrying back when they need to burn a full 40 VCDs. Recently, K-Drama has taken the country by storm with fans of all ages showing their satisfaction.

Samsung x Viu – Damage to your service

There is an easy way to enjoy your K-content today. For your viewing pleasure, Samsung and Vivo have teamed up to bring you thousands of Korean dramas, movies, and shows on the big screen. Purchase of your choice until December 31, 2021 Samsung TVs Comes to the VIP Premium subscription.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why his love for Ki dramas has remained strong over the years:

The platform lines are constantly changing

Samsung x View - Sell Your Hunted Home
Samsung x View – Sell Your Hunted Home

Although the Classic K Drama Cups are still popular, the concepts surrounding these stories are often refreshed. By building a new world of art, by showing vague hobbies or sports, or by highlighting previously undiscussed community topics, K-dramas always provide fans with new ways to find exciting new stories.

The stars will now be brighter

Samsung x Viu - May Youth
Samsung x Viu – May Youth

When it comes to their choices, Korean shows always bring their ‘A’ game. From newcomers to veterans, the talents of these actors, regardless of the type of show, are of the highest quality. With the help of his great role in the new drama, you will never know when your new star will be your new favorite.

The images continue to delight

Every Korean drama is a scene from the newest and most obscure places, the design of the hippies and the fashion choices of the place – the shows have it all. Each film shows the best things the country has to offer, and helps viewers discover new trends and places that they want to experience for themselves.

Samsung x Viu Partnership
Samsung x Viu Partnership

Although we may not see some of them in person, the next best thing is to see them come alive in our own home with Samsung and Vyu. The strategic content partnership with top Korean content providers will make Vion a one-stop service for viewers to access the widest Korean topic choice. The VW TV app has already been installed on all the Samsung Samsung Smart TV models and can be downloaded on models from 2016 to date.

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