May 9, 2021


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THCB Gang Episode 52, Thursday, April 29 – Health Care Blog


Thursday #THCBGang was another with another guest. Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) Regularly, employed by health worker Jennifer Benz (@jenbenz) Patient Safety Specialist and Michael Millenson (@MLMillenson) WTF Health Host and Health IT Girl Jessica Damasa (@ jessdamassa) & Consumer Advocate and Carium Health City, Ligia Richardi (@Ligia)

Our special guest was Shantou Nuni @DrNundy He is the chief medical officer of Akolade and the most important author of a new book Take care after it is paid. We dug into the question of what a post-adoption health care system would look like, and I found out by sliding why I paid Plushcare for only $ 450m! (You have to wait for the end for that!)

Then the video will start below. If you want to listen, the audio is preserved on us as a weekly podcast iTunes & Spotify Channels