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The 1st winner of the photo essay competition to live the roots of life on Earth


Josie Gorgorio emerged as the first winner of the ASCCA-Romblon photo essay competition. His stunning and stunning photographs capture the three major Rombelan lifestyles that are alive and well today, including marble, poplar, and fishing. But he was able to show them even more in their raw form – how did the people actually start to cut marble stones, dig coconuts, and throw the net into the sea at dawn? Read the English version of the original text.

My strength to live the roots of life on earth

It is undeniable that our district of Romblon has taken over. We have all the necessary resources to live and work here. In our healthy forest, we can find many tall trees like those coconut trees, which serve many purposes for us. One of these is copra, which is a valuable source of coconut oil.

Romlon Marble by Isis Josh Gorgorios

It is the livelihood of our hard-working Copa employees who work under the sun to provide us with the highest quality coconut oil. When we talk about water bodies: seas and oceans, we are in Roblon. It is a place where our delicious fish grows every day. Made by our hard-working fishermen, who do not care how big each wave is to present the tasty fish on our tables. And, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Romlon is marble.

Copera in Rombolon by Islay Josh Gregorio
Copera in Rombolon by Islay Josh Gregorio

Designed by our hardworking marble workers who have endured the long process of marble work: from marble underground to marble sculpture, to marble dressing. We, the Romblomanons, are proud to be known. Because the marble we are making is a kind of work that is only suitable for strong people.

As the sun set in Rumbling, it was by Josiah Gorgorios
As the sun set in Rumbling, it was by Josiah Gorgorios

Of course, we Romblomanons, who live on a small island, can never be imagined. Because wherever we are, there is something to be truly proud of. That is our natural resource that we always use for our livelihood. The resources we use to live our lives using whatever means we can.

I am strong to live, I am in my city!

We will never find it here in Romblon that everything is so much. But what we need to survive is ready. There are evergreen trees in our culture, especially those that are very important to us. One of them is sludge, which is a source of oil and other harmful substances.

It is the work of our hardworking farmers, but I am trying to make you laugh at good oil because the sun is so hot. If we talk about water and the sea, we have it. Dre came from our disgusting fish in our heroic hunting and fishing, but what kind of pumpkin straw can we eat and wear? And of course, when Romlon is built, our proud marble never hurts. After our strong block, Mayog-Address, Miog-Kukusos and until it falls into the hands of Miigapalis. It is a work that we respect because it is only strong people who are as strong as marble.

We are Rumbles, but our island is brave, they will never humiliate us. But we can truly be great wherever we go in life. Because we have a city that is rich in everything, we can buy energy to live together in any situation.

About the AC Center for Culture and the Arts (ASCCA) – Romlon

ASCCA – Romblon by Romblon Romblon Discussion List – Cultural, Living and Educational Support (RDL-CLEAR) Established in 1998. . ASCCA has previously hosted numerous workshops, conferences, cultural activities, and contests to protect nature, local languages, culture, and heritage and pass on their values ​​to the next generation.

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Photo essay competition organized by ASCCA-Romblon social media arm. Last February 2021, he started hosting monthly online contests on the official Facebook page for the Romblon community. Each competition aims to encourage the other Kassimanawas To show off their talents and promote their own language, culture and heritage at the same time. Follow our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/asilanguagewarriors/ For future contests and updates.

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