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(CBS San Francisco) – NFC West has quite a wide margin as it enters Week 10. The Arizona Cardinals hold the NFL’s best record of 8-1, while the Los Angeles Rams are one of the few teams to hit seven wins. The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks won just three games. Their odds of making a playoff race seem to be getting longer by the week.

After a win, the Seahawks will get another boost in Week 10 when quarterback Russell Wilson returns. But they face the enviable challenge of facing the Packers at Green Bay. The status of Aaron Rodgers, who is a key point for both teams, remains unclear. The 49ers face off against a team of Rams looking to bounce back from their latest loss to the Tennessee Titans. And the rising Cardinals are trying to add another win against the fading Carolina Panthers.

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CBS San Francisco sportscaster Vern Glenn breaks up three NFC West matches in Week 10.

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Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals Sunday, November 14 @ 4:05 PM

The Panthers have re-signed former quarterback Cam Newton. But that won’t change anything on the field when they come to Arizona to face the Cardinals. Carolina struggled behind the quarterback Sam Darnoldhave lost five of their last six matches. His production dropped and his ball losses increased, possibly due to a shoulder injury that now places him in his injured reserve. PJ Walker will start off against the Cardinals, but his tenure as top signal seeker may be limited by the time it takes for Newton to get used to it again.

“Carolina is on the way, they’re going to be down 10 points in Arizona,” Glenn speculated. “But the thought of Cam Newton rejoining a franchise that needs that arm hypodermia is exciting, I think. So he’s going to step in. As the kids say, he’ll be respected around that team as the old man, the OG. For PJ Walker, who’s going to start this game for the Panthers.” I feel a little sad because he gets all the repetitions.”

Walker will lead the Panthers against the NFL’s top team, at least in terms of record. The Cardinals defense allows for just 321 yards and 17.2 points per game, both of which are among the NFL’s top five. The offense, led by Kyler Murray, puts him in favor of Colt McCoy until an ankle injury puts him in the league’s best, putting up 398.4 yards and 30.8 points per game. Murray’s start will be a playtime decision. But McCoy was effective 22-26 for 249 yards and a touchdown to the 49ers last week. And whoever starts below mid will also get back wide receiver AJ Green.

They cut the Panthers’ business for them. “I don’t think there’s any way they’re going to get into Arizona and deal with a team that has the best record in NFC, running all the systems,” Glenn said.

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers, Sunday, November 14 @ 4:25 PM on CBS

The Week 10 match between the Seahawks and the Packers could begin as a battle of legendary quarterbacks. Russell Wilson is back from finger surgery for the Seahawks that caused him to miss three games. Aaron Rodgers, who tested positive for COVID and later turned out to be unvaccinated, could rejoin the Packers next Saturday if he passes the vaccine. NFL’s protocols.

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The Seahawks are down to 3-5 without Wilson and are seeing their playoff chances dwindle with each week. Under substitute Geno Smith, they lost by a field goal to both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints before defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars. They will be well rested on their way to Lambeau Field as a farewell to week 9.

“They’re not supposed to make mistakes,” Glenn stressed. “We know Wilson will make good decisions as he leads the offense and he’s getting DK Metcalf back. That said, Seattle will be on the way. They’re a different team on the road. They’re in Green Bay, they’re in Lambeau Field … they have an impact, they’re on the stadium. an advantage they automatically have when you enter.”

But the Packers are a different team when Mr. Rodgers is not in the center. That was evident when they lost 13-7 to the Kansas City Chiefs last week. Backup QB Jordan Love didn’t find the finish zone until the fourth quarter. He managed to get past just 19-34 for 190 yards against one of the NFL’s worst defenses.

If Rodgers returns on Saturday, he will have missed a week of preparations. But that probably won’t change much for the future Hall of Famer.

According to Glenn, “He’s the only one who doesn’t need training, doesn’t need repetitions. He can get in there and lead the attack. Next to him will be Davante Adams. And a combination of the two, along with this defense… by the way, they have the Defensive Player of the Month for October on defender De’Vondre Campbell out there. I think Green Bay will win this one, especially if Aaron Rodgers plays it.

Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers Monday, November 15 @ 8:15 PM

The Rams offense behind Matthew Stafford seemed to have reached far more potential than it did under Jared Goff. The Rams averaged 296.3 yards per game and Stafford averaged 2,771 passing yards per season. Finding their way without Derrick Henry, they tackled the Tennessee Titans in their 28-16 defeat. The Titans sacked Stafford five times, and this clearly had the desired effect.

“The only way the 49ers have any chance of winning this game is to win the game up front,” said Glenn. “Eric Armstead has to go. [hard]. Nick Bosa must go [hard]. Fred Warner has to make that defense, he’s making all the calls there. If the Niners are to have a chance to win that match, that defense needs to be a rebound game and peak performance. If any of these three dominoes don’t work, they have no chance to stop the Coaches.”

The 49ers were separated in Week 9 by Colt McCoy and the Cardinals. McCoy’s efficient pass was aided by a strong comeback from James Conner, who ran 96 yards and was two tank destroyers in 21 carries. If San Francisco is to have any hope, the 49ers defense will have to do better this week.

“The Niners have a shot if the defense can create a push and push Matthew Stafford for a third and long and make bad decisions,” Glenn said. “But my spider sense says the Niners were looking at a 3-6 record coming out of that game and the Rams won.”

However, this has been a crazy season in the NFL. Numerous obvious wins turned into embarrassing losses for the league’s elite. The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys just last week.

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“You still have to get the ball out and play the game,” Glenn said.