May 7, 2021


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The 49ers took Trey Lance, the trainers were kept in the dark

Trey Lance

Trey Lance
picture: Getty Images

The 49ers had apparently been drunk all night.

From Jed York randomly tweeting overnight to this new report from ESPN saying that the 49er policymakers did not inform scouts or coaches about the team picking Trey Lance with Pick # 3, this team is clearly far from rocker tonight.

I’m not even mad at Trey Lance’s choice, I think he has a lot to the upside and he’s clearly one of the best midfielders in the draft. Reportedly, in 49ers’ rating for Lance, he was the smartest QB in this drafting class.

Lance can be special but there is still something to be said about a team that does not allow their coaches to know which player they will need to train before picking a draft. I can understand if this is a choice from round 6 but this is literally the third choice for the draft.

Decision makers in San Fran are smoking a lot from the kale tree tonight, it shows.

Hopefully, for Lance’s sake, everything will work out in San Fran. He will likely sit for a few seasons until he is ready to play at NFL level. The team could also pull Lance into a deal with Green Bay for the disgruntled Aaron Rodgers, but a lot more needs to happen before that point.

Let’s see if the 49ers can finally take the next step with Lance on their list or if their dull recruiting night is in vain.