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The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing!


On a recent trip to Central Florida, we stayed for two nights on the new LEGOLAND Beach retreat. Opened recently, this is an additional 8-year-old dream come true for the LEGOLAND Florida family – sleeping in a LEGO home! Here are 7 reasons why LEGOLAND beach retreats are amazing.

Both of my sons grew up loving LEGO. From the movies to the video games, all the LEGO bricks have always been a big part of our lives. For years, my 8-year-old son was asking to visit Logan Florida Restaurant – and we felt it was the right age to introduce him to the park.

I am very happy to be waiting for him as he has given us the opportunity to stay at the new LEGOLAND beach resort. It just opened in 2017 and once I saw that you could really stay in a LEGO brick house there was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up er .. Or, for my son it was a real opportunity.

7 Missing Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach is Amazing!


The LEGOLAND Beach retreat is located in Cypress, Florida, literally across the street from Florida. The beach retreat has a bungalow of 83 bricks spread out in a circle. Each Bengallo sleeps comfortably for up to 5 families in 2 separate rooms. They are incredibly focused both internally and externally, which should do for any LEGO fan.

On this special trip, my son and I were the only ones, but the bungalows included a king-size bed and a rich bed with weight, so we could stay comfortable with our five families. Here is a quick tour of our shelters:

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Bungalow

Staying in Bengalo with the LEGO theme is really fun. You know exactly how it feels to be a child when you stay in your favorite toy-home “home” as an eight-year-old and stay in the LEGO bungalow. These beautiful homes are fully decorated with LEGO-fashion, from red LEGO doors in front of the house to decorative interiors. Like my mother, I was amazed at the “cold-weather” bungalows.

Although there were only a few rooms, we felt that the family was very large. We would like to have a separate room for the children. And we found the bathrooms to be huge. It felt more spacious than it was and was a perfect place for our family.


The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Lego keys


I tend to see little touches that make the place special and the LEGOLAND Beach retreat has a lot to offer. We welcome the colorful parrot that sits above each bungalow. The walls were adorned with colorful LEGO murals, and we even saw crabs made of bricks.


But the best touch? As we entered Bengal, I immediately noticed that my son was receiving a log set on a pillow – better than chocolate!

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Affordable breakfast


It is now common for hotels to offer affordable breakfast. But this is not uncommon in a theme park hotel. So we were surprised to hear that breakfast was served. A warm breakfast buffet awaits you every morning at Sandy Castle. It was packed with baby food – pancakes, scrambled eggs, hot biscuits, and cold cereals and fruits. Before we went to the park, it was a delight to be given a nutritious meal.


My son found this playground at Sandy Castle Restaurant and there is no shortage of LEGOs anywhere in this resort!

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Evening entertainment


Even though it closed at 6:00 pm on the night of our visit to Legolon, the fun continued to retreat to the beach. Go back to Sandy Castle Restaurant for dinner to cool off and refresh. Until evening, family activities were planned. In the restaurant we can play fun family games, interact with LEGO characters and even the “marshmallows” near the pool. There are all kinds of activities planned for the night at the beach resort.

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Swim in the brick


I did not mention that the pool was filled with floating LEGO bricks. This took control of my son for an entire hour! Where else can you swim in brick ??

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Affordable trips to LEGOLAND (or park for free)


Arriving in LEGOLAND Florida was a cinch from the beach. They offer a variety of vehicles that you can actually find outside of Sand Castle Restaurant – just look at the lighthouse – and you’ll be very close to the park entrance. Runners run every 15 minutes but we don’t have to wait any longer.

Beach guests can also drive and park for free, but why would they want you when they are closed?

The 7 Reasons Why LEGOLAND Beach Retreats Are Amazing: Completely affordable


This is one of the reasons why you should stay at the beach resort. You think staying in a LEGO home costs money, right? I thought it would be more expensive than the LEGOLAND Hotel because you get more space and a smaller LEGO house than your own. But LEGOLAND beach retreat is very affordable. During our stay, the nightly rate was $ 135 – and I hear it is a regular year-round rate. For everything included in your stay, that is very affordable for the family. And if I don’t mention enough, staying in a LEGO house is so cool!

  • Affordable transportation for LOLOLAND Florida
  • Free WiFi
  • Convenient Drive-thru Check-in
  • Entertainment-wide payment rights by class key
  • Supply of goods in the room
  • Outdoor playgrounds by groups of individual bungalows
  • The courtyard seat outside Bengallaus
  • Mini-fridge and safe in each refrigerator

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Disclosure: My family and I were guests at the LEGOLAND beach resort. We are not compensated for the article. All comments are my own.

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