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The anger of the people of Porto when Covid’s rules reduced the Champions League final fans | Champions League competition


Final decision to implement Covid-19 safety regulations on Saturday Champions League competition the final has angered locals as hundreds of England fans without masks filled the bars of Porto on Friday night.

European football governing body Uefa moved for the last time between English clubs Manchester City and Chelsea from Istanbul to Porto to allow fans to go to the game after being banned by Covid-19. Some people in Porto fear exposure to coronavirus, a highly contagious disease that has spread to other parts of England after it was first identified in India. Some have been frustrated that foreign fans may enter the stadium but locals have been banned from playing for months.

“When he opens it [the stadiums] for English, it should be opened [them] all, “said Alexandre Magalhaes, marching through Porto, which was packed with fans.

The Portuguese government initially said England fans should fly only on game day, be “bubble” and fly away after the game. But officials dropped a ban on fans on Thursday and removed travel restrictions. “If these [new rules] it’s true that I should no longer follow what is blocked, “one Twitter reporter wrote. Another wrote:” This is a disgrace to anyone who continues to follow the rules of health. “

Portugal enacted a protection law in January after the number of cases increased but the rules were lightened. Another 16,500 followers have been admitted to the stadium. Many others have come to help their external groups.

Hundreds of unsuspecting fans flooded Porto’s Douro River on Friday night, drinking alcohol and crying in public as police watched. There were minor disputes between the agents. Although the fans violated the rules of coronavirus instead to reduce the risk of infection, which resulted in them being forced to wear a mask in public places, the police on the ground did not force them to wear the mask.

Chief of Police Paula Peneda told a press conference that authorities are expecting more England fans without a ticket in the city on Saturday but did not name a number. Officials said they would not stop fans from traveling because British tourists are now allowed to enter and leave Portugal if they pass a poor PCR test.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.
Police have intervened to put an end to an altercation that erupted between a crowd drinking and drinking on the Douro River on Friday. Photo: Luis Vieira / AP

City police superintendent of Lysander Strong said two units of 6,000 people each – one in both groups – would be set up in the city. From 8am to 6pm, venues with fans should be open to only those with tickets who will be transported to the stadium. Sessions will be open to those who do not have a ticket. Drinking is legal and all of his followers must pass the Covid-19 incorrect test in order to connect with fans. “We urge all English donors here to work for stability,” Strong said.

Porto Mayor Rui Moreira says the city is in the final stages of preparation even though it has only two weeks to prepare. “The people of Portugal are changing … We have the ability to think critically,” he said.

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