May 7, 2021


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The appearance of the markets is confused by the picture of the grain boxes

Vendors are perplexed by the appearance of viral photographs of landscaping on shelves instead of traditional cabinets.

Social media melted down after Laura Lex, from Brighton, Shared the image on Twitter.

The image, taken from a local corner shop, shows shelves full of big names for breakfast alongside the caption: “Wtf when was the grain?”

The post quickly attracted online attention, garnering 336,000 likes and hundreds of comments from confused buyers.]

One user said, “I will answer your question with another question.

Could Mona Lisa just be transformed into a landscape?

“No, don’t mess with art.”

One second says, “The only thing that bothers me here is the legal placement of landscaping.

While some may question the change, there are few who wonder why brands choose to change.

“They are special boxes for corner shops, etc., where there is no shelf space,” said one user.

Another adds: “It makes it easier for small retailers to stack.

If they are inverted, they are pictured on the other side – and the box still opens to a standard layout, no matter how they are arranged.