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The baby was killed in North Carolina by two Rottweilers of the family


A 10-month-old baby girl died after her father was attacked by two family dogs when her father was away for a few seconds.

A 10-month-old girl in North Carolina reportedly died after being attacked by her family dogs while her father was away for a short time.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Office identified the baby as Malia Scott Winbury.

Police responded to the call at 8pm on Tuesday after the baby’s father, Scott Winbury, walked away for a few minutes and reportedly returned to find the two family dogs attacking his daughter.

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Scott, himself a law enforcement officer, was trying to resuscitate his daughter when police arrived. News and Observer reported

“The father left the little boy unattended inside the dormitory for only a few minutes,” Johnston County Sheriff’s Patrol Captain Danny Johnson told reporters.

“He heard a lot of noise in the house, went back inside and saw the child unanswered.”

Police tried to resuscitate the girl, then rescuers tried, but she was not rescued.

WTVD reported that he died at the scene.

Authorities did not know if the girl’s mother, Bianca Patel, who works as a paramedic in Johnston County, was at home at the time.

Dogs were identified as Rottweilers, both male and female.

A neighbor told reporters that dogs usually protect the child.

Animal control took over the animals. Families must decide whether to bring the dogs back or charge them.

Officials said they were not aware of any previous issues with the dogs, but Chad director Massengil confirmed that the dogs had been identified as dangerous by the city.

“It’s very serious this morning,” Messengeel told WRAL.

“It’s very difficult to cope with.”

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