The Bears Are Making The Same Mistakes With Justin Fields

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Fans of the Chicago Bears aren’t happy with the play-calling of their team last Sunday night.

In a critical division game versus the Green Bay Packers, the Bears held back Justin Fields.

Despite taking an early lead, the Bears refrained from unleashing the air game in Green Bay.

With them holding their young QB back, the team ended the game with a loss.

So, does this mean the team is making the same mistakes with Fields that they did with Mitchell Trubisky?


Lack Of Passing Plays Isn’t Helping Fields

In their game against the Packers, Fields only passed 11 times on 17 dropbacks.

So few dropbacks are not allowing the young QB to reach his full potential.

While Fields finished the night 7-for-11 with 70 passing yards, his one interception might have something to do with the Bears holding him back.

However, despite the interception, Fields was solid when leading the team.

But with the Bears putting him into more running situations, they are preventing him from showing off his passing ability.


Bears Can’t Continue To Hold Fields Back

The Bears holding back their young QB won’t allow the team, or him, to progress in 2022.

With most pundits feeling the Bears will do poorly in 2022, they have nothing to lose in unleashing Fields.

It allows him to develop and learn his offense, something they need if they want a future with him.

However, the lack of passing plays is puzzling when seeing the Bears playing from behind in both games this season.

It’s caused Fields to rank at the bottom among QBs, something the Bears don’t need if they want to return to the playoffs.

While the young QB needs to air things out, he’s fine with the current play-calling of his coaching staff.


Fields Is Fine With Lack Of Passing Plays

Shockingly, Fields is fine with the play-calling in Chicago.

When asked about the play-calling, he defended his coaches.

As reported by Brad Briggs, Fields said, “My job is not to call pass plays.”

With the QB clearly trusting the play-calling of the coaching staff, it’s up to them to make any changes.

However, those changes can’t be abrupt.

They need to call more passing plays slowly, allowing their QB to adjust to the added passing attempts.


Can Fields Lead The Offense If He’s Okay With Lack Of Passing Plays?

The big question about what Fields said is if he’s even capable of leading the team’s offense.

Being fine with a lack of passing attempts might signal that he’s not ready to lead Chicago with his arm.

However, things can change if the coaches call more passing plays for him.

If they get him into a comfort zone with passing, maybe he can lead the team with his arm.

But it requires the coaches to trust him and for him to trust himself.

If he can’t do this, then the coaching staff will lack trust in him to lead their offense.

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