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The best time to visit New York City in 2021


Want to know when is the right time to visit NYC? Here’s a guide for all the months to choose from, from cold to hot, from bright to rainy, from abundant to cheap.

NYC is rich, fast, big and friendly. Everyone has their own reasons for being here. Your first solo trip or your fifth time can be ‘I can’t get past Newcastle’, or it could be a family vacation or a honeymoon trip to a hotel, in both cases it is important to fly at the right time. New York is an art and architecture center with extensive galleries, historical monuments, delightful nightlife and delicacies. Each month has something new and unique. Linn December is celebrated with Christmas trees and lightning bolts, July and August have summer outdoor activities and May flowers bloom, trees fall and it rains.

Here we will update your knowledge of the best time to visit NYC, so you can apply American visa According to your needs and priorities:

The best months for the weather

The weather in New CCC can interrupt or ruin your trip. Here are some things to look for in a monthly report:

1. January (4 ° / -3 °) – This is the coldest month of the city and most of the areas are covered with snow. It’s a quiet time to have quiet broadcasts, more skiing, javester and bargain deals. You will also need sweaters, warm clothing and waterproof boots.

2. February (6 ° / -2 ° C) – As the cold continues and so does Broadway Week. Fashion lovers are going to spend a lot of time in New York Fashion Week. The Super Bowl is the highlight of the month.

3. March (11 ° / 2 ° C) – small – both spring and winter. To see the wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, set up your team for March Madness, drink the local wines at the New York Winter Wine Festival, enjoy with the children in the museum, and watch the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden.

4. April (18 ° / 7 ° C) – This is a full spring but sometimes it can be cold, so don’t forget warm clothes. Get ready for an important Easter party, stumble upon celebrities at the Tribeka Film Festival and relax outdoors at the Cherry Bloom Festival.

5. May (22 ° / 12 ° C) – The month requires little sun, clear skies, lots of flowers and pleasant weather. Tourists take part in a grand parade. Now that the roads have been cleared of snow, it is time for the bikes to take over, and the tour will see 32,000 cyclists around the world travel to all five districts.

6. June (27 ° / 18 ° C) – It’s officially summer! Mild weather is not so hot and humid that it can affect outdoor activities. The sun begs you to bathe in the scorching sun, to relax on the lawn, to take a walk in the park (the New Philomonic concert in the parks is amazing). Go for a helicopter ride in the city, dine at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and watch the Museum Mile Festival.

7. July (29 ° / 20 ° C) – Although it is an unusually hot month, there are endless activities to relax. From Brightway to Independence Day on July 4, the city will be waiting for you from the big demonstrations and parties. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and wear comfortable clothing.

8. August (29 ° / 20 ° C) – Time to hit the beach because the temperature is oppressive and the population is approaching. The city feels empty and having a seat at restaurants or shows is not an option. Talk about what to do, take a stroll on the summer streets more than ever, jump on the many New York rooftop bars, enjoy open tennis in the United States and admire the variety of attractions without interference.

9. September (25 ° / 16 ° C) – The month is characterized by hot days and cold nights, combined with beautiful weather. Hitting the floors during New Year’s Fashion Week, Sangenarro’s party is in line, so don’t miss out on Steebie’s parade. It is a great time to board or rent a boat, to eat on the rooftop, or to watch the Met Opera.

10. October (18 ° / 10 ° C) – A great month to travel to the city and explore its true beauty. There is a pile of activities, great concerts and exciting events. There is a big shopping festival on Columbus Day. And Halloween – no one wants to skip that. Stay warm at night with shoes and jackets.

11. November (13 ° / 6 ° C) – It can be beautiful snow in the pre-Christmas season. Mackie’s Thanksgiving parade and the next day’s exciting deals for buyers will join the biggest of all. The leaves fall, the snow begins to fall, and the sun stays at 6 p.m.

12. December (7 ° / 0 ° C) – It is the most romantic and beloved month. It does not hurt, but it looks like snow on his face. The Christmas tree at Rockefeller, Christmas markets, and Time Square will enhance the festive atmosphere on New Year’s Eve.

Best months to visit

New York is home to museums, food tours, bridges and architecture. These are the best months to get these April, May, June, September, October and early November. The weather is nice and there is little rain in April and May which only makes the visit better. Go on, ski, boat and take in famous buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. Avoid the winter when the sun goes down quickly – it darkens around 4:30 p.m.

Best months for budget readers

But with a tight budget, could he not leave New York City? We will find you. The beauty and energy of the city attracts millions of visitors and prices remain constant throughout the year. But there are three months that are up-to-date and have a fall in hotel rates. And this is in the first leg of the year after the New Year’s Classical Party, from January to March. As a result, there is a small population in tourist areas, there is a lack of visual tourism and it is easy and convenient to set up tables in restaurants.

Best months for F.Summer

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year are three exciting times that fill the city with fireworks, celebrations, and rejoicing. If you want to get into the festive atmosphere, put your hair down, enjoy the processions and chew some of the world’s food with your lips. November and December The time is up for you. It is also one of the most difficult times for the people, but the beauty of the area must be seen. Massive balloons and special processions at Mass Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree lightning at Rockefeller Center, the incredible decor or New Year’s Eve at Times Square – these are priceless.

Great months for a honeymoon

A honeymoon in New York is like a two-tiered cake. You have the adventure, the joy, the joy and the joy of being in that amazing city, Big Apple. Grab your NYC tickets May, June, September or October Because at this time the city is proud of the beautiful weather and there are not many people. You can visit places like boarding, beaches, museums and leisure trips, then visiting Times Square, exploring Manhattan and beyond and having a romantic dinner at restaurants like Lacquin Restaurant. December Christmas is also a beautiful month, as it is full of magic and romance. Prices may increase.

Best Months for Broadway shows

One of the many reasons to enter this big Apple is to watch mind-blowing theaters. Over the past 100 years, many prominent actors and actresses have performed on the Broadway. This is popular all over the world for experimental theater and entertainment. To improve comedy, indie cinema, ballet, poetry, bourgeoisie, jazz and many more; January and February They are open months, September It has new shows and many shows will rest in August.

This means that tourism decreased in June-August and November-December, with the New CCC explosion and in January-early March. Plan what you want to see and do in the city and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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