The Big Lie wins (unfortunately)

Unfortunately, Big Lie – which Trump somehow withdrew from the election – has gained increasing traction in recent months, according to a new CNN survey.

In January, 59% said they had confidence that elections in this country reflected the will of the people, while 40% said they lacked that confidence.

Today? A majority of Americans – 52% – say they do not trust that elections reflect the will of the people, while 48% say they do.

It is a significant turnaround in less than a year, in exactly the wrong direction. And it is run mainly by Republicans, of whom 76% (!) Say they had little or no confidence in elections that reflect the will of the people.

It is hardly the only data point in the survey that indicates that Trump’s big lie works.

While 63% of all respondents said Biden “legitimately won enough votes to win the presidency,” the story was very, very different among Republicans.

Among that group, 78% said that Biden did not win enough votes to legitimately win the election. That’s right: 8 out of 10 Republicans believe Biden did not win election.

Which, wow. What these numbers make clear is that among Republicans, Donald Trump and the big lie he is telling are winning. Winning is, of course, a relative term. Building a political party around a lie is the fastest way to destroy a political party.

Points: Trump fever did not break after the 2020 election. It is actually hotter than ever.


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