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The biggest picks in NBA history


Michael Jordan has been the author of many of the NBA’s Biggest Shots. Photo from The New York Times.

the biggest NBA Shots happen in the playoffs. In an atmosphere as intense and brutal as the playoffs, it’s huge if a particular player delivers at the last minute. Shooting is what distinguishes good players from great players. Whether he is a role-playing player or a superstar, the qualifying’s biggest moments come from those who are not afraid of the spotlight.

The biggest playoff shots in the NBA

In the post-season period, there is an abundance of NBA shots ranging from winning the game to the end of the series. Let’s take a look at the eight best-shot NBAs ever.

Derek Fisher vs Tottenham, 2004 WCF

Tottenham and Lakers were both a force in the West in the early 2000s. Both teams met in the 2004 Western Conference Finals.

Outside copy printAnd the Shaquille O’NealAnd the Karl Malone, And the Gary Payton, There was an unknown champion of the Lakers in Game 5 of the series.

In the final seconds of the game, Tim Duncan I ran into a strange-looking stunned 0.4 seconds before the match that looked like a Lakers’ dagger.

It’s really hard to get a high-quality shot in time with 0.4 seconds remaining. Although difficult, this can be done with a very quick alley or firing link.

On the next possession Payton threw an incoming pass to Derek Fisher To win, score! Fabulous! He managed to get the ball out at the right time. Who would have thought?

The celebration was also funny because Fisher ran so fast into the locker room as if he were nothing. The victory pushed the Lakers to a 3-2 lead over Tottenham.

Damian Lillard vs the Rockets, 2014 first round

The first round was between the Blazers and the Rockets a back and forth battle. We’ve seen some unrealistic solo shows from Dwight HowardAnd the Lamarcus Eldridge, And the James Harden.

Upon entering Game 6, the Blazers led the series 3-2. They only needed one victory to qualify for the second round. Bear in mind that they haven’t scored a single playoff win since 2000.

In the final seconds of game 6, Chandler Parsons He earned an offensive rebound that led to an unchallenged corner kick, leaving 0.9 seconds in the match. This left the Rockets two points clear.

Terry Stuts called Time Out and the rest is history. Nicola Batum Pass it to Damian Lillard He’s got the ball for the game-winning bell-beater. This shot was Portland’s first win in a playoff game in 14 years.

Lillard’s ability to do clutch shots is well documented even in the regular season. Even today, he regularly shoots shots of the NBA.

Robert Hurry v. Kings 2002 WCF

Kings vs the Lakers in the 2002 Western Conference Finals was one of the The greatest playoffs in NBA history.

With entering Game 4, Kings led the series 2-1 and were looking to gain a 3-1 lead.

In the first half of Match 4, the Lakers dropped by 24 points. Kings were burning from the start. However, the Lakers broke into the second half and made a major comeback. In the last ten seconds of the match, Kobe tried to win the match with a buoy but was missed. Shaq bounced the ball and missed too.

Vlad Devak Propel the ball towards the other end of the court instead of securing the bounce. With two seconds remaining, the ball arrives Robert Howry He called it the sound of the bell. Live! That shot was one of the wetter beats three-pointers you can see. The Los Angeles crowd went crazy and you can’t even hear Marv Albert’s voice on TV.

That’s why he’s called “Big Shot Rob” because of his ability to shoot clutch shots when it matters most.

John Stockton v. The Rockets, 1997 WCF

Did you know there was a super team before the Heat in 2010, the Warriors in 2016, and the Nets in 2021?

This was a missile in 1997 with Hakim AliwanAnd the Clyde Drexler, And the Charles Barkley As their kernel. They were the favorites to win the NBA Championship – even John Stockton Event.

In Game 6 of the 1997 Western Conference Finals, Stockton put the pedal into the metal at clutch time. In the last two minutes of the match, he took charge and scored the last 9 jazz points. He hit the end of the series shot at the bell to take jazz in the NBA Finals against the Bulls.

Despite never winning a title, Stockton had had a slew of clutch shots throughout his career.

Kobe Bryant vs Suns, 2006 first round

Was destiny copy print And the Steve Nash He met in the first round of qualifiers in 2006. In 2006, Nash won the MVP award over Kobe who averaged 35 points per game that season.

Upon entering Game 4, the series advanced 2-1 in favor of the Lakers. We remember Game 4 as one of the best playoff games – the atmosphere, the intensity and the players take big shots after big shots.

In the last eight seconds of Game 4, Smash Parker He stole the ball and saved it for Kobe. Then Kobe did what he did best – hitting big shots in clutch time. He tied the match and went into overtime.

And in overtime, Kobe hit a solid mid-range player over two defenders at the bell! What a game. Celebrating Kobe after that was iconic.

In just one match, Kobe fired two shots from the clutch. unbelievable.

Damian Lillard vs Thunder, 1st round of 2019

The Thunder vs Blazers in 2019 is simply Russell Westbrook vs Damian Lillard. They both break up at each other and make crazy solos. But Lillard’s performance in Game Five was unreal.

The fifth game in the series was packed with action – both teams were flying back and forth. In the last 24 seconds of the match, Westbrook had the opportunity to take the lead but missed badly.

On the next possession, Lillard knocked everyone out Paul George Guard him. Then he fired three long-range bells and entered! To top it off, it dropped 50 points 10 three times.

The celebration was all the more famous as Lillard waved goodbye to the entire Thunder squad. The Lillard winner ended the series and rebuilt the Thunder franchise. Westbrook traded and George left Oklahoma City.

This shot is one of the biggest shots in the NBA Qualifiers and has cemented Lillard as the 3rd best player in clutch time. He was nicknamed “The Lady of Time” after all.

Michael Jordan vs. CAVS, 1989 first round

Michael JordanThe song “The Shot” was one of the The greatest moments in the history of the NBA game.

In game 5 of the series between Bulls and Cavs, Craig Ahlo Hit the throwback to give Cavs a one-point lead in Clutch Time.

We all know where the ball goes in ultimate possession. With 3 seconds remaining on the clock, Jordan bumped into a coincidence that drifted over Ehlo to win the match. Jordan’s final stats were 44 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Not real.

“The Shot” ended a playoff tour of the Cavs, and the Bulls advanced to the second round.

Kawhi Leonard vs the 76ers, 2nd round 2019

Kawhi LeonardThe series finale shot is one of the playoff moments of all time.

The last two minutes of Game 7 between Raptors and Sixers were nail-biting. Jimmy Butler Hit the quick throw ball with 4 seconds remaining to equalize the score.

With 4 seconds remaining, dribble off my ghost at the far right of the field and make a fiercely contested jump at the buzzer. After bouncing a few times, it’s gone! epic. It was definitely a dagger to the hearts of Philly fans.

The crowd of Raptors has become unruly and you can finally see Kawhi’s reaction. He can show his feelings after all.

The victory prompted them to advance into the Eastern Conference Finals for bucks. Ultimately, the Raptors won the title that year.

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