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The Café is raising $ 1m to facilitate the transition to hybrid working


Café wants to make it simple to switch from a fully remote to a hybrid model. Unleash Your Hybrid Work

  • French HR tech startup Café has raised $ 1m to help companies pivot to hybrid working.
  • What are the challenges with the hybrid model, compared to fully remote working?

It looks like the future of work will be flexible and hybrid. In this model, individuals can choose how to divide their time between working remotely and office -based.

Although this may seem like a great solution for both employees and businesses, implementing hybrid working would be a reality. challenge for many businesses around the world.

Startup of French HR tech Café, which aims to make it easier for companies to move from full-time remote working to a hybrid model, has raised $ 1 million in Seed funding.

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According to TechCrunch, the investment came from 122West, Kima Ventures, Jonathan Widawski, Guillaume Lestrade, and Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, among others.

The cafe is more than just a desk booking tool. While it allows employees to tell when they are in the office or when they will be working remotely, it also gives companies and individual employees easy visibility about who is and isn’t in the office on certain days.

Therefore, the platform makes it easy for managers to know when to schedule temporary meetings or social activities with their teams.

The exact status message can be customized to accurately represent what the employee intends – for example, it can say ‘working from a café’, thus providing more context to teams beyond knowing that the person is not in the office.

Ultimately, the platform aims to replace and upgrade the spreadsheet approach that many companies have found to use. This makes the experience more enjoyable and managers can set up weekly reminders to establish their teams to update the app with their working location plans for the coming week.

The Café tool is integrated with a variety of existing collaboration tools – including Slack – and now the startup is working on the ability to integrate more deeply into teams ’HRIS tools.

For now somehow, the Café is freely available for individuals and teams, but if it is widely launched in organizations, it will have to pay for the service.

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